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9 Incredible Foods to Help Prevent Chronic Disease

Many diseases are caused by improper diet, especially at dinnertime, and eating the wrong foods may bring on chronic diseases. Therefore, it’s necessary to pay special attention to what you eat for dinner in order to prevent chronic diseases.

Prevent chronic diseases by avoiding these 3 foods for dinner

1. Avoid foods high in fat

Eating a lot of high-fat food at night will increase the burden on your stomach, intestines, liver, and bile, and it will cause visceral diseases.

2. Avoid foods high in calcium

Eating a lot of high calcium foods at night may result in calcium decomposition and accumulation in the kidneys and urethra, which may cause stones.

3. Avoid foods with high sugar content

Because sugar can turn into fat, eating a lot of sweets at night may lead to obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Foods more suitable for dinner

Eating the following 9 foods at night can help you clean up the poison in the bowels and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

1. Eat apples in the evening

Reduce fat: Eating apples after dinner can help you reduce body fat.

Combat fatigue: Eating apples at night can effectively supplement the body’s trace elements and improve the body’s ability to combat fatigue.

Sore throat: Apple plus salt at night can help the body quickly eliminate inflammation of the throat.

Prevent Chronic disease by adding more healthy food to your diet like a large glass bowl of green salad, surrounded by smaller bowls of different fruits, nuts, and vegetables,  on top of a wooden plank table.
Eating healthy is more than leaving out bad food; it starts with adding good food. A large bowl of green salad surrounded by fruits and vegetables. (Image: Wallpaperflare)

2. Eat yogurt

Clean up intestinal poison: Consuming a cup of yogurt before bed can increase the reproduction of good intestinal bacteria, thereby cleaning up intestinal poisons.

Facial spots: Yogurt can suppress facial melanin and maintain a whitening effect.

Prevention of influenza: Lactic acid in yogurt can improve your body’s immunity and effectively prevent spring flu.

3. Eat longans

Coughing: Eating longans at night can improve a night cough very well — generally, you may see improvement after 2 to 3 nights. Make sure not to confuse logans with lychees, as the two are both healthy and look pretty similar.

Skin itching: If it is caused by dermatitis eczema, eating longans frequently can alleviate the itching.

Stabilizing pregnancy: Longans contain a lot of iron and vitamins, can reduce the feeling of contraction and sagging, and are beneficial to the development of pregnant women and the fetus.

4. Eat kiwifruit

Eat kiwifruit and strawberries in the evening. (Image: via © Donnariccia)

Lip cracking: Kiwifruit contain a lot of vitamins, which can prevent the appearance of cracked lips.

Anti-diabetes: Diabetes is a chronic common disease that plagues many people. Kiwifruit have a very good role in preventing and treating diabetes, especially beneficial for the elderly. Some great results have been achieved by turning to a plant-based diet to combat diabetes.

“Kiwifruit has a very good role in preventing and treating diabetes. Some great results have been achieved by turning to a plant-based diet to combat diabetes and prevent chronic disease.”

Diuretic swelling: Some people have bad kidneys and are prone to puffiness, and kiwifruit can eliminate kidney inflammation.

5. Eat hawthorn fruits in the evening

Cardiovascular disease: Hawthorn fruits can reduce blood cholesterol content, increase vascular wall elasticity, prevent and treat cardiovascular disease, and reduce irregular menstruation and many of its side effects, such as abdominal pain and painful menstruation. Eating hawthorn fruits at night has a beneficial role in regulating women’s menstruation.

6. Eat bananas in the evening

Unstable anemia: Bananas are rich in protein and iron and can supply nutrition and improve blood gases at the same time. Eating bananas at night effectively improves the situation of anemia.

Acne: Eating bananas can often improve acne and eliminate the pock marks.

Cleaning up lung poisons: Long-term toxins in the lungs can lead to respiratory diseases. Eating bananas at night can help to drain the lungs and keep them clear.

7. Eat red-fleshed dragon fruit in the evening

Reduce inflammation and fire within: These will cause a variety of problems. Eating red-fleshed dragon fruit at night not only reduces the fire and inflammation, but also improves your mood.

Alzheimer’s disease: People can easily get Alzheimer’s in old age. Red-fleshed dragon fruit is rich in antioxidants; it can improve cell vitality and effectively prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Heavy metals: Now, the air quality is poor and you inhale a certain amount of heavy metals every day. Red-fleshed dragon fruit can help the human body discharge heavy metals in a timely manner and protect your health.

8. Eat strawberries in the evening

And the winner is… The winning smile is also essential to prevent chronic disease. (Image: 58574541 © Elena

Mouth and tongue sores: Eating strawberries at night can clear heat detoxification. Mouth and tongue sores may show improvement after eating several at a time.

Improve skin allergies: Eating strawberries often improves skin sensitivity and repairs allergic skin.

9. Eat tomatoes in the evening

Bad breath: Bad breath will seriously impair communication and people are very embarrassed by it. Eating tomatoes at night can clear the digestive tract, regulate the bacteria, and effectively improve bad breath.

Dark circles around your eyes: Tomatoes can improve the skin around the eyes, improve dark circles, eye bags, and fine lines around the eyes.

Anti-radiation: Now, more and more people use computers and mobile phones, so radiation inadvertently endangers your health. Eating tomatoes often can improve the body’s radiation resistance.

It is a worthwhile investment of your time and effort, for your well-being and to add extra healthy years to your life to maintain a balanced diet, exercise, a good night’s sleep, and meditation to prevent chronic disease from spoiling your enjoyment of a life long into advanced age.

Translated by Yi Ming and edited by Helen

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