Who Is the Smartest? Will Man Prevail or Will Modern Dogs Take Over?

A white dog licking nose and winking.

Who is the true boss of the house? (Image: Smrm1977 via Dreamstime)

For the longest time, modern man has regarded the modern dog as his best friend. Who would have ever thought of a time when modern dogs take over?

Most dog owners love their four-pawed pets. We presume ourselves to be the far more clever breed. In fact, as the following amusing facts will show, it may very well be the other way around.

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Let’s sit back and have a good think about this.

Modern dogs take over

A man goes into the local pet shop looking for a new dog for the family. That cute little puppy in the corner with the biggest eyes is the winner. So adorable, so lovable, the man is hooked.

Even better, he is told it will grow to be a medium-sized, short-haired family dog. Great, just what he is looking for.

He forks over a few hundred dollars to fit the dog out. A new collar, lead, a coat for winter, a dog bed, flea medicine, the list is endless as the shop owner keeps adding to the purchases, rubbing his hands together.

He brings the dog home, gives it the name “Fido,” and the new dog settles in with the family.

They start as puppies

Suddenly, that little puppy now weighs 65 pounds and seems to be getting bigger by the day.

Fido seems to be holding the family to ransom. He demands a daily walk — rain, hail, or shine — or he will dig up the backyard.

The beautiful lawn and garden are now a disaster zone, with holes everywhere and chewed dog toys littering the yard. That favorite outdoor chair now belongs to Fido.

Watch out, Fido is now taking over the bed…

An example of when modern dogs take over.
Fido has taken over the bed. (Image: Vitaly Titov via Dreamstime)

Even the man’s wife says: ”Take the dog for a walk before dinner,” or “Don’t forget to take Fido to the dog grooming salon.”

Then they get a lifestyle

Suddenly, Fido is being treated better than him.

The man spends his days going to work to pay for good quality dog food, medication, and flea treatments. He even goes as far as purchasing a new car so Fido can ride in the back going to the beach.

The yearly family holiday is now at “dog friendly “resorts.

Meanwhile, not-so-little Fido spends his days snoozing and barking at the postman, or playing with the kids — not a bad life — while waiting for his owner to come home from work and feed him.

The dog becomes the center of your life

Fido doesn’t need to go to work or pay the electricity bills. Fido doesn’t care if people on Facebook don’t like him. And a great bonus: his human even cleans up after him. Wow, this is great.

Fido is happy and content just taking all that is given to him in return for a big lick and walking companion. Unconditional love, Fido just enjoys being a dog, while the human slaves away to pay for his existence.

Fido’s life is very simple and rewarding, with no financial worries or stress.

Now think again — who is smartest?

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