Woodnest Cabins: Experience the Wilderness at Its Best

Woodnest Cabins – Experiencing The Beauty Of The Wilderness

Oh my God: the breathtaking view of the wilderness. Woodnest Cabins are located high on a tree. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Come explore the Woodnest Cabins and experience the beauty of the wild. In recent times, there’s been a steadily growing trend of people living in big cities trying to “get back to nature,” sleep in the pristine wilderness, or “find balance with the environment.” Who doesn’t want the occasional escape to the hills, from all the smoke, gnarly traffic, and the brain-numbing noise that’s associated with big city life?

So camping in the forests might be a good idea then? Sure! How about setting up camp on the tree itself in a tiny cottage that sways with the trees, giving you a fantastic view of the forest? Well, if that’s your heart’s desire, Helen & Hard Architects have the perfect getaway solution for you to set up just that experience in Odda, Norway.

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Let the wilderness take your breath away

The getaway solutions they have crafted are called Woodnest Cabins. Each living “capsule” sits high on a tree, attached to the trunk through means of a steel collar that wraps around the tree. The pine tree continues to shoot upward above the cabin structure. This novel architectural design works on two levels.

One: You get to experience the fantastic wilderness living experience among the trees that is safe and unique.

Two: Since there are no supporting structures required for its construction, there’s basically no interference to the natural habitat of the beautiful forests.

The architects work closely with their clients, Sally and Kjartan Aano, to create this unique living experience. Their vision is to create an experience where people can actually get a feel for what living in the lap of nature actually feels like.

At peace with nature. There’s no interference with the natural habitat of these beautiful forests. (Image: Sindre Ellingsen / WOODNEST Architects)

The lost experience of just climbing a tree

With every up and coming generation, we have fewer children who have experienced how it feels to climb a tree and explore the possibilities that are associated with it. Sally and Kjartan feel like everyone should know how that feels like. The architects have successfully incorporated these requirements into the wonderful concept of these Woodnest Cabins that sway with the wind around 15 to 20 feet from the ground.

The intricately designed cabins have four sleeping zones, a bathroom, a living space, and a kitchen space, all contained in a meek 49 foot (15-meter) square space.

To reach the site of the cabin, guests are required to trek across a steep mountain path that eventually leads up to a handsome wooden ramp that gives access to the cabins up in the trees. The whole experience provides a pilgrim-like experience that anyone who loves nature would be rewarded by. The trophy moment comes when you see the spectacular view from the cabin. The scattered tree line of the forests leading out to the majestic profile of the mountains beyond has to be seen to be believed.

So that is what fresh air, fresh water and sunshine are really like. The view from the cabin is spectacular. (Image: Sindre Ellingsen / WOODNEST Architects)

The project has love and great passion behind it. It takes inspiration from the Norwegian culture of designing vernacular timber structures. Combine that with a natural curiosity to understand the true potential of timber as a material and you have the Woodnest cabin concept.

The concept tells us that brilliant design, and being able to experience the pristine wilderness does not necessarily need to be associated with expensive materials and vast expansive spaces. The philosophy behind the Woodnest architecture is about the deft organization of adequate space and construction techniques that melds in with its natural habitat. You can rent out the Woodnest cabins through the architecture’s website, and keep up with their progress via Facebook.

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