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7 Things You Should Not Do During the Coronavirus Lockdown or Self-Isolation

Coronavirus lockdown or not, self-isolation or not, regardless of the circumstances, people still need to take care of themselves even if they have no symptoms or very mild symptoms of COVID-19. Protecting yourself well will help to prevent becoming infected or relapsing.

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the human body is likened to a small country. The reason why a person can be attacked by a virus and that it can invade the body is because the person does take care of themselves. Viruses then get past the body’s natural immune system and invade the body. If the person’s immune system is weak the virus will attack any underlying health problems that the person may have.

Once the virus enters the human body and attacks the cells. The human body will then mobilize its positive energy, the immune system (disease-fighting function), to fight the virus. It’s an amazing fact that if the positive energy of your body is stronger than the energy of the virus (disease-causing agent), you will be able to clear out the virus. If the positive energy of your body is weaker than the negative energy of the virus, your condition will worsen.

Regardless of whether the body’s positive energy is strong or weak, it will consume energy in the process of fighting the invader, so it is very important to take care of yourself.

Here are 7 things you shouldn’t do during the quarantine period of the coronavirus infection.

1. Staying up too late at night

Seven recommendations to keep the coronavirus at bay during lockdown. (Image: © Michal Bednarek)

Staying up too late may weaken your health, particularly if you are “burning the candle at both ends.” This routine could weaken the internal organs. Staying up too late at night may weaken the immune system, which in turn may lead to immune deficiency.

2. Smoking

Smoking damages the lungs, as we all know. Since the main target of the coronavirus attack is the lungs, the lungs become polluted by cigarette smoke. This is why experts state the number of smokers infected is much higher than non-smokers.

3. Alcohol

Some reports say that the coronavirus can be killed by alcohol. Alcohol gel of a 70 percent concentration can be effective in destroying the virus on the hands or surfaces. As for drinking alcohol, the concentration entering the body is not high enough to kill the virus. When alcohol enters the body, it circulates through the whole body, including the blood vessels in your lungs. When the blood of the lungs is inundated by alcohol, the chances of infection may be greatly increased, and the symptoms are also more likely to worsen.

4. Sex

Being a couple and sleeping together is a wonderful feeling. It’s also natural to have normal marital relations. But If you are infected with COVID-19 and not well, it means the virus has already entered your body. So to protect yourself and your loved one you should maximize and mobilize all your strength to deal with the attack. If you use up too much of your vital essence the virus may become stronger and attack you further. It would be best to abstain and even sleep in separate rooms until cured.

5. Anger

Many scientific studies have now discovered that emotions are inextricably linked to immunity. A happy mood will make the immune system stronger and your ability to fight viruses will be greatly improved. An unhappy mood will suppress your immune system. Chinese medicine believes that anger will hurt the liver, and the liver is the most combat-ready organ — your body’s general as it were.. If the general is hurt, the enemy, of course, will easily take advantage.

6. Inactivity

Regular and moderate exercise is a good fitness routine. It can promote the circulation of the blood so that the body’s organs and tissues are fully supplied with positive qi and oxygenated blood. It can also let the blood flow into the liver and kidneys, flushing toxic components out of your body. This enables the lungs to be purified so that infections cannot stay in the lungs. The lungs of inactive people do not function smoothly and the virus can easily lodge in their lungs and reproduce.

7. Greasy food

Too much fatty fried food is not healthy. It uses a lot of energy to digest and assimilate, offering the virus an easy way to win get inside the human body. Fresh fruit, vegetables, and soups have all the right nutrients to help you fight viruses effectively.

Translated by Yi Ming and edited by Helen

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