Divination for 2021: Danger at the End of the Gengzi Cycle

A depiction of outerspace with an opening to Heaven that shines a beam of light down on the Earth.

The end of a full cycle of the Chinese calendar is an event that happens once every 600 years and divination calls for danger at this time, the end of the Gengzi cycle. (Image: via PublicDomainPictures)

According to the Chinese calendar, a full cycle is completed once every 600 years. The end of the lunar year that began in 2020 marks the completion of one of these cycles, which is known as the Gengzi cycle. This time was predicted to bring chaos and upheaval to the world. As the current Chinese lunar cycle is ending next month, Chinese medical doctor Shu Rong predicts the next stages of world health and the pandemic using the traditional divination methods of the five elements theory and the six climatic changes from ancient Chinese medicine.

Lately, more people are becoming interested in the theory of the five elements and six climatic changes as ways to explore the connection between climate change, humans, and pandemics.

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The I Ching

The hexagram from the I Ching (or Book of Changes) that represents the end of the Gengzi cycle of 2020 is the 36th, “di huo ming yi,” in which “di” represents darkness. Usually, the darkness is shown on the bottom of the hexagram with the sun above. For 2020, these elements are reversed. As the darkness rises, the light is obscured. This denotes a year dogged by calamity, war, pandemics, and chaos.

The 36th hexagram represents a timeframe that finishes on February 11, 2021. Its message is: “If you are not pure, then you are in danger.” From a health point of view, it means that even if you are healthy, you may be at risk of contracting the virus and suffering serious consequences, or you may suffer a serious sudden illness such as heart failure or a stroke.

There is danger at the end of the Gengzi cycle.
The message of the 36th hexagram: ‘If you are not pure, then you are in danger.’ (Image: Monika Wisniewska via Dreamstime)

Ancient wisdom

How could such a thing happen to you? According to ancient Chinese philosophy, it happens because your moral standard has fallen. The wisdom of the ancients says that your moral standard is in direct relation to your health and that you need to live in harmony with the universe’s requirements. Going against the rule of nature will bring you into conflict with the energy field of the cosmos and put your health at risk. When the danger is doubled in times such as this, with a pandemic running rampant, the body is at even more risk of contracting a serious illness.

Another part of the principle brings your mind and thoughts into the picture. When your thoughts are in conflict with the rule of nature, which calls for purity and kindness, negative energy is exuded from your body. This works against the positive energy emitted by the cosmos and can result in chaos in your body and mind. Again, this places you at further risk of ill health.

What will happen in the time to come? We need to see how the winter season pans out.

Uphold principles and morals

The Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor, an ancient Chinese medical text, says that winter is a time to conserve and store our energies. If not enough essence and energy is stored in winter, a plague will follow in the spring. If a plague is rampant over winter, spring will be even worse.

If there is abnormal weather in the wintertime, such as unseasonable heat or cold, or snow in places where it never snows, it means that energies are not being properly conserved. The coming spring will possibly see a worsening of the pandemic.

A cactus covered with snow.
If there is abnormal weather in the wintertime, such as snow in places where it never snows, it means that energies are not being properly conserved. (Image: via Piqsels)

By following this rule, if you work on your moral standard and your thoughts during winter, it will be less likely that you will suffer from ill health when spring arrives.

The end of the Gengzi cycle brings with it a reminder: Don’t lose your principles. The last two months of the Gengzi cycle are the darkest. Even healthy people need to exercise extra caution and make sure to uphold their principles and moral standard. If you can maintain these both physically and spiritually, act in accordance with the seasons, and resonate with the cosmic energy, you will be safe from danger.

Conserve and store your energy

How do you do this? Firstly, take good care of your body. Refrain from alcohol, illicit drugs, and wanton sex. Eat regular meals, get enough sleep and rest, and do not eat too much grilled or pickled food, as this interferes with the regimen.

Also, keeping a positive mindset is key. If you are always afraid, pessimistic, discouraged, think negative thoughts, or are selfish, changing your mindset will help to transform your energy field. This will reduce the risk posed by the dark thoughts that can bring harm to you, even if unintended. Having a happy and optimistic outlook can help protect you from the darkness and chaos that is threatening to engulf our world.

Translated by CC and edited by Mikel Davis

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