Happy Chinese New Year 2021 Despite Virus and Security Law in Hong Kong

People walking across the street in Hong Kong.

As part of the Chinese traditions, the Chinese people welcome the New Year by cleaning their homes thoroughly, hanging red couplets, and a red “fu” (the Chinese character for fortune or good luck) ideograph paper by the front entrance.(Image: Mona via Nspirement)

A busy flower market. Lively chatting. “Gong xi fa cai” says one person to another, repeatedly. The formula echoes across the marketplace and the busy streets as people greet each other with the Happy Chinese New Year 2021 formula, which, when translated means: “Wishing you a prosperous New Year.”

Chinese New Year 2021

A Chinese New Year's charm. A man standing on a pot of gold. On the left and right of him are Chinese symbols saying: 'wishing you enlarge your wealth.'
When people in Hong Kong meet for the Chinese New Year, they say “gong xi fa cai.” “Wishing you a prosperous New Year.” (Image: Nspirement Reporter Hong Kong via Nspirement)

A symbol of hope

Despite the harsh new security law imposed on Hong Kong by the mainland, people’s spirits are high as they look toward the future with hope.

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In fact, hope is an essential part of the Hong Kong people’s mentality, which is symbolized by a certain flower.

Chrysanthemums-with a golden pot-a symbol of hope on Chinese New year in Naibia.
Chrysanthemums at a home in Hong Kong: The flowers symbolize health and great nobleness. (Image: Nspirement Reporter Hong Kong via Nspirement)

The Year of the OX

Dangling from a peach tree twig with blossoms is a golden ox. 2021 marks the year of the ox in the Chinese zodiac.
Dangling from a peach tree twig with blossoms is a golden ox. Chinese New Year 2021 marks the year of the ox in the Chinese zodiac. (Image: Macau Photo Agency via Unsplash)

2021 marks the year of the Ox in the Chinese Zodiak. It symbolizes a down-to-earth mentality.

The ox characterizes hard work, and with that the ability to endure the hardships that come with hard work and labor.

Interpreted in a general sense, the year of the ox may bring hardships, but also the opportunity to bring great change through the forbearance of any hardships the year may bring.

Hong Kong Lifestyle on Chinese New Year 2021

A mother in Hong Kong squatting in front of kumquat trees with her little son, posing for a photo on Chinese New Year.
A mother and her son posing for a photo on Chinese New Year 2021. (Image: Nspirement Reporter Hong Kong via Nspirement)

The Kumquat tree symbolizes the desire of Chinese parents to have lots of descendants. Therefore it is a common gesture to gift one another with kumquat trees during the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year).

Kumquat Trees Chinese New Year
Kumquat trees are typically found in many homes in Hong Kong, especially during the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year). (Image: Nspirement Reporter Hong Kong via Nspirement)

The lion dance

The dragon dance is performed around Chinese New Year, but you may also encounter it on other occasions.

However, the lion dance seems to be a bit more popular (maybe because the performers require less room to perform).

A lion dangling by a string on a market on Chinese New year, also known as the spring festival.
A lion souvenir, a miniature of what is performed on the streets called the lion dance, around Chinese New Year. (Image: Sandy Millar via Unsplash)

Performers usually wander through the streets and pass by the storefronts. The performance is believed to bring good luck and good fortune.

A Lion dance performance amazes viewers at a storefront in Hong Kong. (Image: Nspirement Reporter Hong Kong via Nspirement)
On Chinese new year, the lion dance is one of the most popular festive motives.
A lion dancer getting ready for his next athletic posture. The lion dance is a popular motif during the spring festival and Chinese New Year in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. (Image: Gary Tou via Unsplash)

Food on Chinese New Year 2021

No New Year celebration would be complete without food.

As the New Year also marks a time of reconciliation, it is most common to find families united, gathered around the table, and enjoying a delicious family meal.

A family gathered around a plate of Chinese food on Chinese New Year’s eve. (Image: Kcdtsg David via Wikipedia)

Among other things, hot pot is the most popular meal during the Spring Festival.

There are many dishes served to celebrate Chinese New Year 2021. (Image: Kcdtsg David via Wikipedia)

Despite everything that’s happening in the world and in Hong Kong, people still manage to stay positive and optimistic.

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