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The Angel’s Misjudgement

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Emma Lu
Emma Lu is an author who specializes in Cultural and Historical myths and stories.

Can angels get it wrong? One day, a blind man was crossing the street with his guide dog when a large truck lost control and hit him, killing him on the spot, and also killing his faithful guide dog that was trying to protect his master.

The blind man and the dog arrived at the gates of heaven together. An angel stopped them and said: ”Sorry, there is only one place left in heaven, and one of you has to go to hell.”

Upon hearing this, the master asked: “My dog doesn’t know what heaven and hell are, so would you let me decide who goes to heaven?”

The angel frowned and looked at the master with contempt. She thought for a moment and said: “I am sorry, sir, every soul is equal, and going to heaven or hell can only be decided through a competition.”

The master asked disappointedly: “Oh, what kind of competition?”

The angel said: “The race is very simple. iI is a race to run from here to the gate of heaven, and whoever reaches the destination first will go to heaven. However, don’t worry, because you are dead now, you are no longer blind, and the speed of the soul has nothing to do with the physical body; the simpler and kinder the soul, the faster the speed.”

The master thought for a while and agreed.

The angel got a surprise

The angel told the master and the dog to get ready, and announced the start of the race. She expected that the master would run desperately forward in order to enter heaven, but unexpectedly, the master walked slowly forward. What surprised the angel even more was that the guide dog did not run either.

It dawned on the angel that the guide dog had developed a habit over the years of always following the master’s actions.

The man and his faithful dog would not abandon each other. (Image: via Dreamstime.com © Prazis)

The angel thought that this despicable master will take advantage of the situation: When the time came, he only had to call his dog to stop in front of the gate and he would be sure to get in.

The angel looked at the faithful dog and was saddened. She said aloud to the dog: “You have given your life for your master, now your master is no longer blind, and you do not have to lead him to walk; you should run into heaven!”

The man and his dog would not abandon each other

But both the man and his dog acted as if they had not heard the angel’s words and continued to walk slowly forward, as if walking in the street.

Sure enough, a few steps from the gate, the master uttered a command, and the dog obediently sat down. The angel looked at the master with contempt.

At this point, the owner smiled. He turned his head to the angel and said: “I finally sent my dog to heaven, my biggest worry is that it does not want to go to heaven at all, it just wants to be with me… so I just wanted to help it decide, so please take care of it.” The angel was stunned.

The master looked at his dog lingeringly and added: “It’s great to be able to decide in a race, and if I just let him take a few more steps forward, he’ll be ready for heaven.”

“But he has been with me for so many years, and this is the first time I can look at him with my own eyes, so I can’t help but want to walk slowly and look at him a little longer. If I could, I would love to watch it move forward forever. But heaven is here and that’s where my dog should go, so please take care of it.”

Having said these words, the master gave the command to the dog to go forward, and the moment the dog reached the end, the master dropped like a feather in the direction of hell.

Seeing this, his dog turned his head hastily and ran wildly after his master. The angel, filled with remorse, spread his wings and chased after the dog, trying to catch it, but it was the purest and kindest soul in the world, far faster than all the angels in heaven.

The angel, who could do nothing but watch the man and the dog fall quickly into hell, thought with remorse: “It turns out I was wrong from the beginning. These two souls are one and they cannot be separated…”

At this time, a big hand appeared behind the angel, and the master and the dog who were about to fall into hell were quickly pulled back. When the two souls stood still, the angel was surprised to find that they had both crossed the doorway of heaven.

God’s mercy saved the two souls about to fall

It was God’s mercy that saved this pair of souls who were about to fall. God’s voice echoed loudly in the angel’s heart: “It seems that you have been taught a lesson today.” Hearing God’s word, the ashamed angel broke out in tears and nodded.

Before an event is concluded, we should not jump to conclusions lightly and end up making rash judgements. (Image: via Dreamstime.com © Fernando Gregory)

While there is only one truth in this world, through the eyes of different people, different truths will be seen. Why is this? Because it is impossible to always see things from an objective and fair standpoint.

People perceive things through colored glasses, and use their own experiences, prejudices, and standards to make judgments. The result of this is that you can be wildly wrong about things and misjudge someone.

Therefore, before an event is concluded, you should not jump to conclusions lightly, and not let the images in front of you deceive your heart and mind.

Translated by Yi Ming and edited by Cherry He

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