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How To Choose the Best Motorcycle Tent

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Our elders once said that we only understand the value of something after we lose it. With the world being in lockdown for the best part of 2020, many travel plans got derailed, leaving avid travelers and homebodies alike feeling like they were being held prisoner. Looking at past photos of travels and other scenic places did not help the matter. This is why, once the lockdown was relaxed and vaccination for COVID-19 became a reality, people started planning vacations. One idea for taking a trip that is trending currently is motorcycle camping. For this type of trip, it’s important to have a good motorcycle tent.

Whether you are already a lover of the two-wheeler or just want to keep your trips minimal and avoid contacts as much as possible, the motorcycle is one answer to travel needs in this new age. Opting for motorcycle camping is an experience that you will never forget. Not only will your bike be your home and mode of transport, but it will also help you bond with your travel mates and the road better.

Since the motorcycle forms an integral part of the camping trip, caring for your vehicle when you are resting and finding the best motorcycle tent becomes vital to make sure your bike does not get damaged due to rain or snow, marring your trip.

Motorcycle tents

When you are looking for a suitable motorcycle tent, there are many variables that will affect your decision. Factors to consider include where you are planning to go, what areas you will be camping at, how many bikes will be there, if each person traveling together will carry separate tents or if the group will opt for one large one, and the season in which you will be camping. Once these factors are determined, you can choose the best motorcycle tent with ease as there are many options to choose from.

View from inside an orange tent looking out the flap at a black motorcycle parked on the leaf-strewn ground.
When you are looking for a suitable motorcycle tent, there are many variables that will affect your decision. (Image: via © Mehmet Baysan)


While many like to go old school and prefer pegs and poles that need to be erected properly, other people looking for quick setup and take downtime will find the freestanding models a life-saver. Another good thing about having a freestanding tent is that these tents can be erected on any terrain. When it comes to the size of the tent, you can opt for a single with an extended canvas to cover the bike or choose one that sleeps 4 people while providing a “garage’ area for the motorcycle. Many 4-sleeper tents are ideal for couples traveling on a motorcycle, providing enough space for them and their luggage.


When you are going out on a motorcycle, the first thing that you have to keep in mind is that you have to travel light. The best trips on bikes happen when you are not encumbered with lots of baggage that makes the gravitational center hard to find and even harder to balance. This thinking extends to the tent that you will choose. The lightweight material tents will serve your need, but if you are planning to go to some extreme corners of the world, you might want to consider something a bit heavy. A good rule of thumb is to always ensure that the weight of the tent is below 6.5 pounds.

Resistance to the elements

It goes without saying that you have to opt for a tent that is impervious to wind, water, and snow. Not only will they be harmful to your bike’s machinery, but they will also affect your health and peace of mind.

Trees and grass beside a rock road during a late spring snowstorm.
It goes without saying that you have to opt for a tent that is impervious to wind, water, and snow. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Camping is a pleasure that is gaining traction slowly. While there are people who prefer all the modern amenities that hotels nowadays offer, there is something magical about sitting under the open sky, gazing at the stars. This feeling of oneness with the universe and with your travel partner is something you will cherish forever. So make some splendid and star-studded memories, pat your bike good night, and snuggle in to your sleeping bag, safe and secure inside the best motorcycle tent.

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