5 Foods to Prevent Hair Loss 

Hair loss.

Uphill battle! A receding hairline can be a big shocker. There are five foods that can help prevent hair loss. (Image: Diego Vito Cervo via Dreamstime)

Research has found that people of the same age group who lose hair tend to look 10 years older than those who do not. Noticeable hair loss can be a worry, especially if it continues. We feature five foods that will help you prevent hair loss.

Especially when people reach middle age, their work and life suffer from pressure, and many people fear that they will lose their hair.

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How much hair fall in a day counts as hair loss? Do you have hair loss problems? There’s a simple way to find out if you are losing your hair. In the meantime, eating 5 foods can prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

Hair loss: When should you start to worry?

You begin to notice more hair on the brush and comb and you see more hair on the shower floor — should this be a cause for concern? How much hair fall in a day counts as hair loss?

In fact, a lot of hair falling from a comb or on the bathroom floor does not necessarily mean hair loss. Hair has a natural growth cycle and resting period. For adults, it is normal to lose 50-60 hairs per day. Are you losing your crowning glory faster than it regrows?

Medically speaking, if the number of hairs lost per day is more than 100 for more than one month without any signs of stopping, and some areas appear thinning, this condition is called “hair loss,” or alopecia. Research results show that hair fall is more likely to happen in autumn.

Causes of hair loss

Insufficient estrogen levels, hypopituitarism, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal tumors, and other factors can lead to hair loss.

Hair loss can be related to genetic factors. For people with hair loss running in the family, the probability of hair loss in the offspring and relatives is 2.5 times higher than that of people with normal hair growth.

5 foods to promote hair gain

Grilled salmon with asparagus.
Salmon is considered a food to help prevent hair loss and promote growth. (Image: Micheile Henderson via Unsplash)

The U.S. “Home Therapy” website introduces some foods that can help prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

 1. Salmon

Salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which are polyunsaturated fatty acids that promote hair growth. Salmon is also rich in protein and B vitamins, including vitamin B12, as well as various minerals. These nutrients work together to promote hair growth and prevent excessive hair loss.

 2. Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are rich in nutrients that can prevent hair loss, such as protein, zinc, selenium, potassium, iron, magnesium, vitamin E, and omega-6 fatty acids.

 3. Walnuts

Walnuts are one of the nuts rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The rich vitamin H and vitamin E in walnuts help protect cell DNA from damage and keep hair shiny and beautiful.

 4. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are considered a food to prevent hair loss and promote growth.
Sweet potatoes are considered a food to prevent hair loss and promote growth. (Image: Einladung_zum_Essen via Pixabay)

Sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in the body and can promote the healthy growth of hair and scalp tissue cells. Sweet potatoes are also rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, copper, and iron, which are beneficial to healthy hair.

5. Spinach

Green vegetables such as spinach are rich in various vitamins, minerals, and various plant antioxidant components, which can provide comprehensive nutrition for hair growth and effectively prevent hair loss.

Hair loss is not exclusively a man’s domain. It can strike women also. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and a good night’s sleep are the basic, not to be forgotten habits of good health. Worry and anxiety can cause all kinds of health issues. With any health, nutrition, worry issues, or uncertainties please keep in mind your trusted health professional.

Translated by Patty Zhang and edited by Helen

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