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The Darkness Before Dawn: Are the Prophecies of Disaster Imminent? 

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Michael Segarty
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According to the many legends and prophecies of the disaster of the nations, peoples, and religions all over the world, human beings will face evil forces, darkness, tribulations, severe challenges, and experience devastating disasters at a certain period of time into the future.

At that critical time, also known as The Last Days, and just as humanity is on the brink of complete desolation, the Divine Being returns to rescue the faithful, offer salvation, and spread enlightenment. In the end, justice prevails and overcomes evil. The righteous people are saved, purified, and enter a new, glorious era of peace and grace.

It looks like that time of trial and tribulation for humanity has arrived. By all accounts, the tribulations of that chaotic and corrupt period of time depicted in the prophecies, it seems that they are upon us today.

Prophecy of the ancient Persians

Have those Last Days of trials, tribulations, and disaster for humanity arrived? Divine help is always at hand. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)

 The writing’s of the ancient prophet Zarathustra, a Persian, living thousands of years ago, have been translated in The Sacred Books of the East. They contain the following prophecies:

“Everyone is advocating greed and belief in false beliefs. Their bodies are getting fat, but their souls are hungry.”

“Dark clouds and frogs darken the sky.”

“Hot and cold air alternately blows off all fruits and grains.”

“The rain won’t fall when it should.”

Hot wind, cold wind, and rain that shouldn’t fall are symbols of natural disasters, while “dark clouds” and “frogs” represent evil forces, which plunge the entire world into darkness.

Prediction of disaster by Hermes

Hermes was a prophet associated with ancient Egypt and Greece. He stated that humanity will lose faith in gods at some time in the future and be on the verge of collapse in spirit.

“People who are pious to gods are considered insane, while those who don’t respect gods are considered smart, lunatics are considered warriors, and the wicked are considered good people. When it comes to the immortality of the soul or life, they will tease it and think it is false. No one believes or talks about respect and piety to gods anymore. It will be a chaotic period, and all moral values will gradually disappear. People are going into mental confusion. Their thoughts, words, and deeds no longer have love but are full of selfishness. People will pursue materialistic life extremely, and this pursuit will keep them out of the spiritual world.

“A dark dynasty will be born. People will be ruled by evil, corrupt, and selfish politicians interested in money and power. Nature will be out of balance. Catastrophe will come because humankind will stew in their juice.

“When all of this comes, a Supreme Creator god will correct all this. He will bring back those who have lost their way and finally eliminate the floods, fires, wars, plagues that appear. In this way, the Creator will restore the whole world to its original state, and people will always love, praise, and bless gods. A new universe will be born. Everything will be rebuilt and become beautiful and sacred.”

The Nordic and the ancient Hopi Indian prophecies have similar accounts.

Prophecies of disaster, war, and redemption of the righteous in the ‘Book of Revelation’

Archangel Michael is sent by God to slay the demons and the Red Dragon. (Image: Flickr / Michiel2005 / CC BY 2.0)

The “Book of Revelation,” otherwise known as “The Apocalypse,” is the final book of the Christian Bible. According to scripture, when John, a disciple of Jesus Christ, was in exile on Patmos Island, he was led to Heaven by God to see the seven seals, the Four Horsemen, and the mark of the Beast that were to bring great disaster and tribulation upon the Earth. He recorded the sights he witnessed, and wrote this mysterious book.

The story as told: Jesus, known as the Lamb in Revelations, and his disciples (called Saints in the Bible) fight against the Great Red Dragon and the evil forces of the Beast. The Lamb represents justice, righteousness, and God’s will. The Beast confuses the people of the world, leading them into all types of debauchery, immorality, evil, depravity, and corrupt ways; blaspheming God, God’s reputation, and the apostles living in the sky.

The evil Beast rules Babylon the Great, (also called the great adulteress in the Book). The city is very opulent, a glorious place, possessing great riches and many commodities. Countries, businesses, and people fall under its adulterous spell and they can hardly resist its temptations. Oblivious to the disaster that is about to fall, they know its evil music, fornication, drugs, and filthiness, yet they still cooperate with it, do business with it, and buy its products.

The Book of Revelation reveals: “If they fight with the Lamb, the Lamb will defeat them because the Lamb is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.” However, because the Beast is a deceiver, many people are drawn into its trappings and help it do extreme evil and commit perfidious crimes against God and humanity.

The disasters mentioned in the “Book of Revelation” include the water being poisoned, fires, earthquakes, hail, storms, smoke and sulfur, locusts, plagues, extreme heat, and wars. (Image: wikipedia / CC0 1.0)

The disasters mentioned in the “Book of Revelation” include the water being poisoned, fires, earthquakes, hail, storms, smoke and sulfur, locusts, plagues, extreme heat, and wars. In the end, the Lamb and the Saints defeat the evil spirits, demons, and monsters. Babylon City collapses in one day, and terrifying disasters befall it and its enablers. The kings and merchants of the different countries who had dealt with and supported it are stunned. Thinking that they were untouchable, they are now in panic seeing that the rich and glorious city is totally destroyed. Disaster befalls them also, as they too refused to repent of their sins and their crooked ways. They are judged and sent into the pit of hell.

At the “last judgment,” all sinners that refuse to repent and seek forgiveness are judged and sent down into the pit of hell. Thereafter, a new universe is created, and only those whose names are written in the Book of Life can enter the new cosmos.

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