Hair Colorist Jack Martin Shows his Expertise in Natural Silver and Gray Highlights

A woman with stylish gray-streaked hair.

Beautiful Silver Revolution: Gray hair color has arrived, is cool, natural, healthy, and getting more popular. (Image: via Jack Martin)

There is a broad spectrum of emotions experienced by women who discover their first strand of gray hair. It goes from complete indifference to despondency to out-and-out hysteria. Whatever range of the spectrum they are on, most women find themselves being pressured into the ongoing whirlpool of hair dyeing.

Persistence is key and once you start dyeing your hair you have to go back at least every 6 weeks or so, for a retouch.

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Because of his genius in integrating color, hairstyle, and the personality of his clients, Jack has become a celebrity in his own right. He is the hair colorist of choice for celebrities. He has transformed the looks of already gorgeous superstars, such as Jane Fonda and Sharon Osbourne.

He has transformed the crowning glory of “Four Weddings and a Funeral” superstar Andie MacDowell, changing her hair to silver for her new movie, “Dashing in December”. And to say that the transformation of Andie is stunning is an understatement. She looks beautiful and stunning.

Beautiful silver hair revolution

It is perspective that changes your outlook and it is the power of perspective that hairstylist Jack Martin brings to the entire world of hair fashion.

Jack is very personable and respectful. He loves challenges, owns his own salons, and works out of Tustin, California. He also shepherds an astonishing fan base of more than 500,000 followers on Instagram. It’s not difficult to make out from his page that he will be your first choice to help you rock gray hair. All his before-after posts tell a story about his clients and their journey from being insecure about their gray hair look to taking the journey toward rocking it.

There’s a very good reason why a lot of his clients drive for miles-on-end to access his services — he provides a comprehensively customized solution when it comes to blending gray hair into his clients’ natural skin tones, personality, and charisma. He has proven time and again that silver hair is just great — and just about anyone can carry it off.

Jack Martin - Celebrity Hair Colorist for a boost of confidence and embrace the gray
Jack Martin invites you into his studio for a confidence boost to embrace the gray. (Image: via Pixabay)

Obviously, not all transformations are the same. Some transformations score higher on the dramatic chart than others. The most dramatic results are ones where his clients have naturally gray hair roots growing under their colored hues.

Jack is brilliant when it comes to taking his client’s natural root color as the base while painting the remaining hair in a way that highlights and enhances it. He uses different shades of silver and adds subtle yet strategic highlights. Once the coloring is done, he then proceeds to style the hair, taking his time to layer the hair elegantly to offset the shading pattern he has executed already in a customized pattern. The results are just stunning.

Redefining style

Jack believes that appropriately styled gray hair can convey panache and sophistication like any other color, if not better. He also believes that beauty is the consequence of having confidence rather than the other way round. You can have women wearing a million-dollar gown with the most fabulously styled hair, but if you don’t have the confidence to carry it off, it doesn’t really have any impact.

Jack states that he has never advised his clients to go gray, but simply shows them the range of possibilities at their disposal through his gallery of work. His salon has witnessed women being emotionally moved and uplifted after a session. For some, it was a life-transforming experience. A major element of his success in this business is truly acknowledging how much influence your work can have on your client’s life.

Jack understands that for his clients to experience the complete transformation, he needs to help them maintain the newly created style after they have stepped out of his salon. This is why he provides them with personalized advice on how to maintain their hair at home until they return to his salon in 4 to 6 weeks.

For further adventures and inspirations on going gray, follow Jack Martin’s work on Instagram.

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