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10 Ways to Keep Your Nails Beautiful Naturally

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Raven Montmorency
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The first impression often is the strongest and while a smile does matter, nails also play a vital role in creating a strong and positive impact. Whether you go to a nail salon for a manicure and pedicure or simply stay satisfied with thoroughly scrubbing your hands and nails with a loofah, caring for your nails is a part of a self-care routine that you need to incorporate into your daily cleaning routine.

Many people have the habit of biting their nails when stressed or it has become an action deeply rooted in their subconscious, but it is not always true that chewing on nails will make them rot. The main reason you should not chew on them is that chewing often destroys the shape of the nails making them grow in a mangled and uneven way.

What are the signs of healthy nails?

Another thing that you should consider is whether your nails are healthy or not. You may not chew them, but your nails might still be brittle and break easily. In fact, many studies have revealed that your nails often show signs and symptoms of other underlying health concerns, like very pale nails, which can often be indicative of anemia. That said, the nails too have their own indicators of if they are feeling well or not. If you want to know whether your nails are healthy or not, look for these signs:

  • Pinkish white nail plates
  • Existence of cuticles
  • White tips of the nails and the elongated parts are of equal length in all the nails
  • The half-moon at the base is prominent
A woman receiving a manicure.
Long nails might seem fashionable, but if you have a really hard-working schedule, you should consider keeping your nails trimmed. (Image: © Godfer)

Ways to naturally care for your nails

Often, time plays a constraint in making appointments with nail salons, but when you are at home, you can always follow some age-old tips that not only will ensure that your nails are beautiful but also positively affect your overall health.

1. Healthy diet

The first thing that often solves many of the problems is finding and maintaining a proper and balanced diet. Ensure that your diet is rich in vitamins and if required do consult a doctor to add required vitamin supplements to your daily diet. This will work wonders not only on your nails, but also on your hair and skin.

2. Trimmed nails

Long nails might seem fashionable, but if you have a really hard-working schedule, you should consider keeping your nails trimmed. Some people are blessed with fast-growing nails, but whatever be the rate of growth of the nails, keeping them trimmed not only helps maintain the shape but also will save you from the heartache of broken nails.

3. Keep cuticles moisturized

Nails are dead skin, but the base of the nails and the cuticles are not. These need miniaturization and the cuticles often suffer the most, especially if you have dry skin. Moisturizing the cuticles prevents chapped and tearing of the skin, especially since cuticles are harder and more prone to drying. Try an aloe vera or cocoa butter moisturizer for these are rich in vitamin E.

4. Baking soda is your friend

Baking soda is known to work wonders as a gentle exfoliator, but did you know that this wonder scrubber also helps you get at the deeply ingrained dirt that seems to never be apart from your nails.

5. Know the right way to file nails

Contrary to what you see on TV, filing nails is not taking the rough nail filer and going zig and zag on the nails. Filing is always done in one direction and always uses a softer nail filer.

A woman'a hand and feet with red nail polish.
Healthy nails not only make you feel good, but they also brush up your confidence. (Image: © Subbotina)

6. Keep nails away from harmful chemicals

When you do dishes or wash clothes with your hands, you are subjecting your nails to chemicals that are harsher on them. To keep your nails free from contact with such chemicals, wear gloves while doing household chores.

7. Try lemon scrubbing

Another great way to keep your nails clean and strong is to use lemon. Take a lemon slice and rub it on the nails thoroughly. Keep it on till the juice dries and wash off with lukewarm water.

8. Keep nails dry

Whenever you get your hands wet make sure that you dry them using a proper towel rather than letting the water cool off from the skin. Wet nails are often more prone to breaking.

9. Avoid acrylics and gels

While this looks great, acrylics and gels are often known to cause damage to your nails. While acrylics have harmful chemicals, gels use a quick-dry technique that causes cracking of the cuticle.

10. Opt for natural nail polishes

Parabens and sulfates are bad not only for your hair but also for your nails. Avoid polishes that contain these ingredients.

Healthy nails not only make you feel good, but they also brush up your confidence. Try going natural as much as you can. One of the best ways to ensure moisture and clean nails is using olive oil as a moisturizer. Not only is it natural, but it’s also rich in vitamin E, which cares for the nail from deep down. Whether this will help your nails grow or not is a matter of debate, but moisturizing definitely helps keep the cuticles stay strong. With these natural ways, you can always flaunt the best aspects of yourself whenever you step out of the house.

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