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LEGO Unveils the New Botanical Builds for Adults

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For millions of people across the world, growing up involved playing with LEGOs. The iconic brand has always been a favorite with both kids and their parents. The company recently came up with a new range of toys with botanical themes aimed at adults. The new LEGO Botanical Collection includes a Bonsai Tree and a Flower Bouquet.

There are many people who opt for gardening or buy artificial plants to introduce a touch of green in their homes or office. The new LEGO Botanical Collection will help them fulfill their craving for greenery without a green thumb as these “plants” will need minimal to no maintenance.

An ideal way to reduce stress during the pandemic

It is not only about adorning rooms, but the LEGO Botanical collection can also prove to be the ideal stress reducer for people stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Adults can spend time customizing and building the entire botanical range. Both sets come with several elements. The company also has made use of sustainably sourced sugarcane in place of petroleum-based plastics.

Lego Flower Bouquet
The flower bouquet can be an ideal gift for a friend or relative who is fond of greenery. (Image: Lego)

The LEGO Flower Bouquet

The flower bouquet can be an ideal gift for a friend or relative who is fond of greenery. It is a 756-piece set and the user can rearrange the blooms in enticing colors. Its flower stems are also adjustable and can be put in vases of varying shapes. The flowers include roses, snapdragons, daisies, poppies, asters, and different grasses.

The LEGO Bonsai Tree

There are millions of people who admire Bonsai trees, but growing them is not for everyone. Instead, they can buy the LEGO Bonsai Tree which can be customized using pink cherry blossoms and bright green leaves. The model is sold in a rectangular pot and there is a wood-effect LEGO stand.

Lego Bonsi Trees
The Lego Bonsai Tree, which can be customized using pink cherry blossoms and bright green leaves. (Image: Lego)

The LEGO Botanical Collection was launched commercially on January 1, 2021. The models can be bought at LEGO Stores, the brand’s website, or on Amazon. Apart from the bonsai set and bouquet, the company is also selling LEGO tulips and roses individually.

A collection was developed after conducting an in-depth study

LEGO Group’s design lead, Jamie Berard, said the company developed the collection to let the adults find new ways to reduce stress and hone their creative skills. The LEGO Play Well Study 2020 surveyed 12,591 children and some 18,000 adults. The survey revealed that 73 percent of adults want to de-stress at least once a week. The study also revealed 81 percent of adults believe playing helps them reduce stress.

The Danish toymaker has come up with an innovative solution for people who love greenery around but lack gardening skills. Using plant-sourced materials is also a good move as it does not utilize fossil fuels.

With people stuck at home during the pandemic, this collection may prove to be an ideal stress reliever. The flower bouquet is great for people who love blooming flowers and the Bonsai set is ideal for those who love calmness with a touch of tranquil beauty.

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