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Why Are Dynamic People Drinking Turmeric Coffee?

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Raven Montmorency
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One aspect of the fitness revolution we delve into is the world of turmeric coffee. We examine the benefits of this combination beverage. Is it a passing fad, here today and gone tomorrow, or is it here to stay?

Fitness has always been a topic of debate amongst people who embrace the term “fitness freak.” While they all do swear by the value of routine workouts and discuss the woes and solutions of the plateau effect, it is the diet that has always been the bone of contention.

Finding a diet that not only suits your weight loss or gain goals, but also adheres to your routine, is not easy. For a coffee lover, if their nutritionist tells them to cut off or give up their coffee consumption, the diet plan goes out the window and the nutritionist will never see them again. But adhering to a diet is crucial to make the workout sessions be more effective.

There are many diets that you often will be overwhelmed by. Be it keto, Atkins Diet, vegan diet, or the paleo diet, choosing the one that suits not only your routine, but also your body type and metabolism, needs some research. This is especially necessary if you are planning to forego expert advice and plan a diet chart for yourself. Coffee-lovers will find the paleo diet especially helpful.

What is the paleo diet?

Going back to the primitive era, humans were not settlers, but were hunter-gatherers. They were nomads, constantly in search of food and temporary shelter. This made them consume a variety of foods that contributed to a fit body and lower risks of obesity and other ailments of the digestive system.

The meal plan consists mostly of herbs, spices, meat, fish, vegetables, and nuts. Processed sugar, grains, and dairy products are avoided. But the best news is, in the paleo diet, you can drink coffee!

Turmeric coffee: health benefits

The good, old faithful coffee often gets some flavor twists. Cinnamon coffee, nutmeg coffee, and cocoa coffee are some of the most-loved brews that many cafés serve. And there are always experiments with other herbs and spices that do require an acquired taste, but turmeric coffee is something that not only provides you with an aromatic blend, it also comes loaded with health benefits.

First, let’s talk coffee. This bitter drink is not only loaded with antioxidants, but coffee is also known to increase alertness and improve concentration. In fact, a 2017 study that was published in BMJ states that coffee drinkers enjoy better health and stamina than non-coffee drinkers.

Coffee is also known to help keep the liver safe and free from toxins. And Epidemiology and Prevention in 2013 published an article about how 5 cups of coffee a day actually helps keep you away from cardiovascular diseases.

Turmeric is a spice that has been known since the ancient days to be beneficial for a healthy body. It is a yellow rhizome that has a distinct earthy and pungent spell, yet it tastes really mild. The main component of turmeric is curcumin, which is a nutrient that offers various health benefits, like:

·         Can protect against heart diseases

·         Has anti-inflammatory properties

·         Works great as an antiseptic

·         Helps ease osteoarthritis symptoms

·         Works wonders on skin

Turmeric coffee taste merger

turmeric coffee merger
Turmeric coffee taste combo. (Image: via © Yuliia Kononenko)

Consuming turmeric as part of their staple diet is prevalent in Asia, especially India. So coming to the merger of coffee and turmeric, you must wonder how these two very different ingredients can taste blend.

But you will be surprised to know that the bitterness of coffee and the earthy taste of turmeric actually complement each other. Adding some honey or opting for black pepper will not only enhance the flavor, but also increase the health benefits.

Coffee is known to be a great source of antioxidants and coffee actually does help maintain skin health. But people often add sugar to their drinks, which negates the health benefits of the beverage.

Golden milk has been the favorite of grandmothers as the age-old concoction of milk, turmeric, and cashews, which is tasty and is perfect for health-conscious people.

Now, taking a step further, the addition of turmeric in coffee — both espresso and latte — is a blessing for people looking to maintain their diet without having to give up on their coffee romance. By avoiding sugar and sweeteners, you can enjoy a bitter and earthy cup of turmeric coffee and still stick to your paleo diet.

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