15 Eco-Friendly Products That Can Help You Swap Out Single-Use Plastics for Good

Eco-friendly means switching to a plastic free lifestyle.

People are coming to realize that the eco-friendly approach is needed to reverse the problem of plastic pollution. (Image: via Dreamstime.com © Nataliaderiabina)

Plastic undoubtedly is a great invention, but it’s not very eco-friendly. There are myriad uses for it in our everyday lives. There are, on the other hand, many adverse problems associated with it, not the least that it takes a very long time for it to degrade, and it causes a great deal of pollution.

People are coming to realize that an eco-friendly approach is needed to reverse the problem of plastic pollution. People often carelessly throw away or dump their plastic bottles and plastic food containers once their contents are devoured. When asked, they may reply that others are doing it, or one person cannot possibly cause plastic pollution.

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Plastic pollution is not necessarily the overproduction of plastics; it is the misuse of the material created to aid us in our daily lives. Plastic pollution has caused the death of numerous birds, marine lives, and even domesticated animals who accidentally consume the plastic, or get tangled up in it. Making a change now is vital to save the ecosystem.

What are eco-friendly products?

Brands often use the term “Go-Green,” which highlights their recycling policies and using organic and biodegradable materials. These reusable materials also win big with customers who are aware and are actively making lifestyle changes to become more eco-friendly. From a marketing point of view, reusing containers and packing materials is cost-effective too for the companies are not spending millions on designing and manufacturing millions of bottles or other products.

15 eco-friendly products to look out for

How can we go zero-waste? What happens when a product is damaged beyond repair? The answer is simple — you follow the 5Rs of refuse, reduce, recycle, reuse, and recompost. It is the last R that plays a vital role in deciding the sustainability quotient of the product. Here are 15 such products you can trust:

1. Blueland

Keeping the house clean is a vital task, but many cleaning kits and supplies often charge for the water that they have added to the supplies. Blueland has come up with reusable bottles and dissolvable cleaning tablets that are made from natural blends. This not only takes care of the sustainability quotient, but it also ensures that you are staying away from toxic cleaning supplies.

2. Stasher

If you are looking to reduce food wrapper waste, look no further than Stasher’s silicone food storage bag. Not only is the set durable, but the food bags are washable, which takes care of your hygiene too.

eco-friendly plastic free set
Eco-friendly plastic-free basket. (Image: via Dreamstime.com © Nataly Mayak)

3. Humankind

When we talk of eco-friendly products, we often tend to not consider essential personal grooming products. Shampoos and soaps are often laden with chemicals that may help clean the skin, but that are bad for the environment. But humankind is doing its bit to be eco-friendly by opting to make vegan shampoo bars that do away with plastics and containers.

4. Purifyou

Buying grocery bags is often a nightmare, but Purifyou’s mesh bags come in sets of 9 and are easy to carry to separately store your produce without the danger of contamination.

5. Whiff Botanicals

Did you know that the clothing and fabric industry is a major contributor to land pollution? Doing their bid to reduce this, Whiff Botanicals has come up with bamboo dishcloths and wipes that are organic, safe, and durable.

6. Sprout

Love gardening? Want to create awareness in your kids? Opt for Sprout’s plantable pencils, which have seeds stored in the end. Once you are done with the pencil, simply plant it in the soil with the end in the ground.

7. Chef’n

If you are in the habit of segregating waste as dry and wet, you can make use of the Chef’n compost bin, which will help you gather all the nutrients required by the soil and then spread them in your garden.

8. Dropps

When you have the option to choose dye-free dissolvable pods to clean your clothes, why not opt for it! Dropps promises to not only cater to a cleaner ecosystem, but to also make your clothes safe and cleaner.

9. Harvest Pack

One of the major concerns about pollution is the discarding of used plastic plates after a party. And if this happens in your backyard, you will think of becoming a recluse. But with compostable plates made of sugarcane fiber, you can mix fun and awareness of the environment.

eco-friendly family
Eco-friendly family back home with plastic-free shopping. (Image: via Dreamstime.com © Monkey Business)

10. Thinx

Sanitary products have been a boon for women and a bane for Mother Nature. But with Thinx absorbent underwear, you not only can say goodbye to tampons, but also manage the menstrual flow and feel comfortable. Simply wash and it is ready for the next cycle.

11. Botanical Paperworks

Parties seem incomplete without confetti, but the plastic ones are a big no-no. Switch to Botanical Paperworks’ seed confetti. These are bigger and made of seed paper, which is eco-friendly and colorful.

12. LastSwab

Used cotton swabs are often discarded without a second thought. But these too lead to damaging the soil pH. Opting for LastSwab’s reusable cotton swabs is not only ecofriendly, but also hygienic and easy to clean.

13. Public Goods

While toilet papers are made from trees, the demand for more trees results in deforestation without proper tree growth management. Made from fast-growing bamboo plants, Public Goods toilet paper is soft without causing damage to the ecosystem.

14. WellEarthGoods

With toothpaste tablets, you can say goodbye to toothpaste tubes that are often not recycled. These minty chewable tablets require you to even forego your toothbrush and are perfect for traveling.


Instead of opting for disposable cutleries, opt for cutlery sets from DEVICO, which are made from stainless steel and are easy to carry, wash, and use.

The mantra of reduce — reuse — recycle definitely holds true for plastic usage, but in case the bag or bottle cracks or tears, we have no other option than to discard it. While proper disposal techniques are found on the internet, what you may need to look at more is that after disposing of the damaged plastic, you could opt for products made from eco-friendly materials.

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