8 Eco-Friendly Makeup Swaps That Will Make You and the Earth Happy

Switching over to eco-friendly makeup products and habits can help greatly reduce environmental damage.

Eco-friendly perfume refill. Switching over to eco-friendly makeup products and habits can help greatly reduce environmental damage. (Image: Jullazure via Dreamstime)

It is important to take up measures that reduce the carbon footprint and make the Earth a better place to live in. Every person, regardless of income level, lifestyle, or location, can do his/her little bit to reduce environmental pollution. This is applicable for those involved in the makeup and grooming industry as well. Switching over to eco-friendly makeup products and habits can help greatly reduce environmental damage.

8 handy eco-friendly makeup tips from professionals to reduce the carbon footprint

1. Opt for eco-friendly makeup refills

Makeup artists go through plenty of bottles and containers in their work. These bottles and containers contain liquid and powdered products. Globally, a huge number of such makeup containers and bottles get discarded every day.

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Recycling those bottles is a good option. However, there is a better alternative. If the bottle is still in a good condition, refilling it would be a much better approach. The shampoo or conditioner refills cost less than the bottles. It helps reduce environmental pollution too.

2. Cut down on plastic

This is something all makeup professionals could do. It is possible to buy makeup products with minimal packaging. There are skincare and makeup brands that sell products in eco-friendly packaging. When you discard such packs, they do not cause environmental pollution. Opting for metallic and cardboard palettes is better than buying plastic-based ones.

3. Make your own personal makeup palettes

Professional makeup artists use plenty of products, including the likes of eye shadow, lip gloss, corrector, and concealer. The palettes used to store these things are discarded after they are emptied. A better option is creating a personal makeup palette. Then it is possible to replace single makeup pods when they get empty. It will not be necessary to discard the entire palette.

4. Evade single-use products

Single-use makeup products are easy to use for sure, but they are not eco-friendly makeup. However, it makes sense to stop buying such products thinking of the environmental aspect. Using reusable makeup wipes is prudent. If using disposable products is a necessity, try buying eco-friendly products. The good thing is that some brands sell biodegradable makeup products made with bamboo and organic cotton.

5. Recycle beauty product packs

Eco-friendly recycling of beauty product packs.
Recycle eco-friendly makeup and beauty product packs. (Image: Maria Shchipakina via Dreamstime)

Instead of throwing away empty containers of makeup products, it is better to recycle them. A lot of skincare brands now offer incentives and discounts for buyers who return empty product packs to them. The brands recycle and reuse that packaging. It reduces environmental pollution to an extent. Recycling the packs can be done at home. However, the empty bottles and containers should be cleaned and rinsed with hot water and then sun-dried before they are reused.

6. Use solid eco-friendly makeup products over liquid

From the environmental perspective, it makes sense to use solid skincare products over gels and liquid-based ones. Solid products like bar soaps need minimal packaging to begin with. They do not need to be sold in plastic containers and paper packaging is not harmful. They also last longer than their liquid counterparts.

7. Use biodegradable sunscreen

It is currently recommended to apply sunscreen when you go out, even on cloudy days. It is recommended when you head to the beach on a summer day. However, not all sunscreen products are the same. It is necessary to check if the sunscreen lotion or cream you are using is made of a biodegradable material or not. Some brands use harsh chemical compounds in their sunscreen products. The spray-on sunscreens should be checked in particular. It is better to avoid sunscreen products with ingredients like Oxybenzone, Titanium dioxide, Octinoxate, and PABA.

8. Buying eco-friendly products from the green brands

There are quite a few makeup and skincare brands that adhere to environmentally friendly practices. Even if their products are not cheap, you can do your bit toward preserving nature by buying their stuff. 

Going Green and eco-friendly can only be good for the planet and for the future.
Going Green and eco-friendly can only be good for the planet and for the future. (Image: via Kerdkanno via Dreamstime)

The makeup artists and grooming professionals can do their bit to environmentally reduce pollution and help make the planet a greener and better place to live in. It takes conscious but simple efforts to adopt steps that are good for the environment.

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