People Must Be Generous

A generous heart to the rescue.

The generous spirit to the rescue, regardless of the conditions, time of day, or danger to self. (Image: via © Blurf)

The most fulfilling life is one lived with tolerance, broad-mindedness, and a generous heart. If you don’t have these qualities, the world will be a tiny place and the road you walk will be extremely narrow.

Some people are violent and angry, losing their temper over the smallest things. Others are kind-hearted, tolerant, and courteous, enjoying the goodwill of those around them.

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Cultivating virtue will purify your heart, while controlling your anger will purify your body. As the old saying goes: “Take a moment of peace and quiet, step back, and you will see the big picture.”

If you can be generous and tolerant while being humiliated without arguing, you won’t care about being right or wrong. Free from these small worries and anxieties, it will be a free and easy life for you.

Bright blue Ulysses Butterfly on a green fern.
Paying attention to your feelings, being generous, cultivating calmness, and using reason in your arguments will make your life much happier. (Image: Rafael Ben Ari via Dreamstime)

Another old saying goes:

“A small intolerance will harm a great righteousness.”

Lin Zexu was the governor of Guangdong and Guanxi provinces. A wise man, he had a warning about controlling anger hanging in his public hall. One day, he lost control of his temper and smashed a teacup. When he looked up and saw his motto “Control your anger,” he realized that his old anger problem had returned. He immediately thanked his servants for their help and set about cleaning up the mess himself as a sign of his repentance.

If you have a short temper, you can take Lin Zexu as an example. Paying attention to your feelings, cultivating calmness, and using reason in your arguments will make your life a lot happier. Doing things in this manner will stop you from hurting yourself and others.

Be calm and generous under pressure

There are many things that happen in life that can arouse anger, but there is always another perspective. The person who hurts you has sharpened your mind; the person who tricks you has strengthened your abilities; the person who cheats you has taught you wisdom; the person who rebukes you has taught you patience. Learning to endure and have forbearance for all that happens will make you a stronger person.

The highest compliment you can give a woman is to tell her she is beautiful. Some people think a woman’s beauty comes from her face, her body, or her clothes, but are these externals true beauty? Her face and her body will age. Kindness is beauty that will last forever — kindness is engraved on the heart and doesn’t fade with age.

Smiling woman wearing a hat at the beach.
‘A woman who is truly kind will always be seeking ways to improve herself.’ (Image: via pixabay)

Every action shows the richness and depth of a kind woman’s heart. She will never show disdain for others — even if you step on her toes or bump into her, she will smile gently and her true beauty will show.

A woman who is truly kind will always be seeking ways to improve herself. She understands and connects with others on a very deep level, and this is the source of her kindness. A kind woman is like tea, providing nourishment and refreshment for the spirits of those most in need.

Kindness is the unique charm that shines through and gives beauty to even the plainest of faces. Kindness, sacrifice, and dedication to others will earn the respect of those around her.

When we carefully observe life all around us, we notice that nature never seems to be in a rush. Yet nature gets everything done. Everything happens in its season.

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