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Lose These 4 Bad Habits to Stay Healthy and Gain These 3 Good Habits

High-quality sleep is a deep sleep that will produce antibodies and prevent the occurrence of diseases. It can also help the repairability of various organs in the body, which is an important foundation for staying healthy and longevity. There are several bad behaviors that should be avoided before going to bed. 

1. Being too active before going to bed 

Becoming excessively fatigued at night, either by indulging in excessive entertainment or doing strenuous exercise before going to bed, can affect the quality of sleep. 

Once your nervous system is stimulated, either through mental or physical activity, you need some time to regain a state of peace and tranquility more suitable for sleep. Not giving yourself a chance to unwind from the day or constantly stimulating your brain with entertainment right up until bedtime will cause difficulty in falling asleep and affect the health of your body. 

2. Eating supper before going to bed 

Eating supper before going to bed may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Health experts remind us that eating supper before going to bed, especially if the meal contains high-fat and high-sugar foods, will make it difficult for the body to thoroughly metabolize these foods. This may lead to cardiovascular problems in the long run. You will undoubtedly find it difficult to sleep if your stomach is busy trying to digest what you just ate, so it’s best to avoid eating within two hours of bedtime.

Obese Asian boy eating a cheeseburger loaded with lettuce, tomato, and onion.
You will undoubtedly find it difficult to sleep if your stomach is busy trying to digest what you just ate. (Image: via Dreamstime.com © Kwanchaichaiudom)

3. Holding your urine before going to bed 

Many people clearly feel the need to pass urine before going to bed, but don’t want to go to the toilet again thinking they can tolerate it and wait. If this happens regularly, it will cause excessive urine storage in the bladder. In rare cases, the increasing pressure can push urine back through the ureter and into the kidneys, which can lead to an infection or kidney disease. Don’t take chances with your health! Besides, you will sleep more soundly if your bladder isn’t full. 

4. Drinking alcohol before going to bed 

When you drink alcohol before going to bed, it can prevent your body from entering into the deep, restorative stages of sleep. When your body stays mostly in the light sleep state you will not be fully rested and are likely to feel more tired after waking up. Particularly for obese patients and people with respiratory diseases, drinking before going to bed can inhibit their breathing, leading to sleep apnea. 

Now, here are some good habits to develop so you will always be in good health. 

1. Exercise more 

Long-term lack of exercise can easily lead to poor blood circulation. If the body’s metabolic capacity is not good, it is easy to get sick. Exercise allows the body to have a good metabolic rate and better blood circulation, and as Cicero said: “Exercise and temperance will preserve something of our youthful vigor, even into old age.” 

Happy smiling female jogging on a mountain trail with her beagle.
‘Exercise and temperance will preserve something of our youthful vigor, even into old age.’ — Cicero (Image: via Dreamstime.com © Soloway)

2. Smile more 

If a person is always smiling, positive, and optimistic, then they will leave little room for negativity. People who smile often can maintain a happy mood, and their lifespan is relatively longer than that of people who often wear a sad face. A smile is the cheapest form of medical treatment there is! If you want to keep yourself looking young, you need to maintain a good mood so that you will not only have a beautiful face, but also a healthy body. 

3. Drink tea frequently 

The Chinese medical book Compendium of Materia Medica tells us: “The nature of tea is bitter and cold, which can reduce body’s inner heat the most.” “Inner heat” is a unique concept in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). If yang is greater than yin, that means your body generates too much heat. Inner heat is thought to cause many diseases, and when heat reduces, your body comes into balance with yin and yang being proportional. Tea contains polyphenols, which have the function of lowering blood pressure, making it less likely one will suffer a stroke. Moreover, the polysaccharides in tea can reduce blood sugar. So go ahead and drink tea frequently, knowing you’re getting some great health benefits in every cup!

Translated by Patty Zhang and edited by Helen 

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