London Contemporary Voices: Charming Revival of the Joys of Choral Singing

London Contemporary Voices.

London Contemporary Voices Choir. Singing can help people feel happier and connected, reducing feelings of depression and loneliness. (Image: Mahogany via Screenshot via YouTube)

The London Contemporary Voices (LCV) is a unique and contemporary choir based in London. I have been thoroughly enjoying revisiting a few videos of theirs, especially from the Mahogany Sessions I have come across of late.

It seems they gig with some quite big names, working with artists such as Imogen Heap, Amber Run, Jarvis Cocker, Nitin Sawhney, Alt-J, and Basement Jaxx, and cover some beautiful choral versions of contemporary artists like Björk and Bon Iver.

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London Contemporary Voices: Making choir singing appealing to a much wider crowd

So group singing is definitely making some kind of comeback. It is making the image of singing beautiful sounds in a choir appealing to a much wider crowd.

It’s made me remember that it’s actually all kinds of great to sing in a gang. Although the last time I can recall singing in a group was at a Japanese Karaoke bar, but nonetheless, it felt great.

Group singing can synchronize hearts to beat together, and it can help heal strokes and depression. Animals such as wolves sing-howl together, and never on the same note — they harmonize to give the impression there is more of them.

I remember reading an article from Science Daily about the benefits of group singing where it helped a couple, one of whom was suffering from dementia. They both decided to take up singing in a group, and it turned out to be an activity they could partake in that made them feel like equals and increased their sense of togetherness.

According to Science Daily:

“The partners with dementia said that taking part in group singing increased their confidence and gave them an identity beyond their diagnosis. The partners who were the carers reported a release from burden, a sense of liberation and enjoyment.”

Here is a list of the positives taken from How to Improve Singing

Physical benefits from group singing

  1. Releases endorphins (feel-good hormones)
  2. Boosts immunity
  3. Lowers blood pressure
  4. Improves breathing
  5. Improves overall health and wellbeing
London Contemporary Voices performing Mahogany

Psychological benefits of group singing

  1. Lowers anxiety and stress.
  2. Promotes social bonding.
  3. Improves happiness.
  4. Improves cognition.
  5. Leads to a longer life.

Singing is also good for children’s improvement of their memory, learning, thinking, reading, and math.

Plus, the elderly benefit from improved memory, mood, health, social bonding, and quality of life.

So good on you London Contemporary Voices for helping to revive the tradition. There are plenty of very good reasons to join a local gang of folk that sing. It does seem though that the acoustics are better in bigger spaces as opposed to Japanese Karaoke bars. However, the bathroom is a pretty good substitute.

To book, join, or see a live gig, visit the London Contemporary Voices website.

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