3 Kinds of People Are Hard to Find: Cherish Them in Your Life

Cherish our true friends.

Cherish our true friends. They are hard to come by. (Image: via Dreamstime.com © Rawpixelimages)

There is a certain kind of individual that is rare to have in your life. Time will reveal whether the people that come into your life are merely passing acquaintances or special souls who come into your world for you to cherish for an entire lifetime.

Cherish your true friends, because they all have three special qualities.

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1. Friends that can understand your sadness and grievances

This kind of friend can see through you; even if you pretend to be strong, they know when your heart is soft and fragile. They can sense how you feel from the tone of your voice and language. They also know that you like to keep certain things private and to yourself. They know when you are fed up and when you are vexed. This is the kind of individual that can give you the warmest hug and complete support. 

This is a true confidante that is hard to find in life!

2. Friends that tide you over during difficult times

If something goes wrong, this friend will not abandon you too easily; if you fail, they will not laugh or gossip about you behind your back; if you are down, they will not turn their back on you. When you encounter difficulties, through trials and hardships, they will do their best to help you. They will help you wholeheartedly without reservation and without asking for anything in return.

This is a good friend who will tide you through all difficulties!

3. Friends that take you seriously

This friend will never abandon you as long as there is still hope; they will stay with you through thick and thin; they will never cheat, never hide, never shirk, and never backtrack on the promises they made to you. No matter how annoying it is, they will comfort you when you most need it; no matter how busy they are, they will be there for you at the first instance.

You have found a sincere friend.

Cherish your true friends

A group of young friends sit and talk together.
Together — cherish your true friends. (Image: Gareth Williams via flickr / CC BY 2.0 )

There are many kinds of people you meet in your life. The ones who like and love you for no reason are hard to come by… the ones who love you warmly are even rarer.

When you are sick, they comfort you warmly;

When you are sad, they patiently listen and advise you;

When you are tired, they want you to rest quickly;

When you stay late, they blame you for ruining your body;

This is someone who treasures and loves you!

The happiest possession in life is not money, material, fame, or profit, but spiritual protection and warm shelter.

The most touching thing about one’s life is that someone treats you specially.

Cherish being sisters and true friends forever.
Cherish being sisters and true friends forever. (Image: via dreamstime.com © Svitlana Bezuhlova)

Make good friends and travel life’s path together for a lifetime;

When you make a new friend, cherish them for a lifetime;

Be grateful for your life and your friends!

Translated by Chua BC

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