Rub 8 Parts of Your Body to Slow Aging and Remain Healthy

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One of the best ways to reduce negative thinking is to surround yourself with positive people. (Image: Motortion via Dreamstime)

Rubbing these 8 parts of your body regularly can relieve sore muscles in adjacent areas, promote blood circulation, prevent diseases, and help to slow aging, which is more beneficial than getting a massage.

Slow aging by rubbing these 8 parts of your body

1. Rub your face to help slow aging 

Rubbing your face can promote blood circulation in your hands and face and make your fingers more flexible. Your facial skin receives more nutrients, and you will look younger. You can rub your forehead when you are tired. Not only does this make your face feel comfortable, but your eyes also become relaxed and you feel refreshed. 

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Method: Place the fingertips of both hands on your forehead, and push from the midline to both sides 30-50 times a day. You can wake up your mind and delay the appearance of wrinkles. It has a better effect when done after waking up in the morning.   

2. Rub your head to reduce gray hair 

If you rub your head daily, you can prevent gray hair from increasing, and you may even see your gray hair change back to its original color. Rubbing the head with all five fingers can speed up blood circulation and make your head receive a sufficient blood supply. It also enhances cell activity, speeds up cell division, helps secrete melanin, and helps restore hair color.  

3. Rub your ears to have good hearing 

The ears are densely covered with acupuncture points that connect to all parts of the body. When your body is sick, it usually shows on the ears. Rubbing your ears frequently can invigorate your kidneys and strengthen your back, improve health, and prolong life. It can also promote the filling of capillaries and improve peripheral circulation. 

Rub your ears to slow aging.
The ears are densely covered with acupuncture points that connect to all parts of the body. (Image: via © Syda Productions)

Method: Rub the cartilage part of your ear from the bottom to the top until it becomes red and warm. It has a therapeutic effect on inflammation as well. 

4. Rub your nose to stop hay fever 

There are many people suffering from hay fever and there is a simple, easy, and effective method of massaging your nose to cure chronic rhinitis without taking medicine.  

Method 1: Rubbing your nose with cold water every morning or before going out can improve blood circulation in the nasal mucosa and help relieve allergic rhinitis symptoms, such as nasal congestion and sneezing.  

Rubbing your nose frequently can speed up blood circulation in your nose, stimulate acupuncture points, and prevent colds. 

Method 2: Use the index fingers of both hands to start from the middle of the brow, push down the bridge of the nose and then rub upwards. Don’t use too much force. It is best to massage until the nose becomes slightly red. 

Senior woman blowing her nose.
Try rubbing your nose to relieve chronic nasal congestion or sneezing. (Image: Piksel via Dreamstime)

5. Rub your hands to adjust your organs 

There are many important acupuncture points on your hands, and different acupuncture points correspond to different body organs. Frequent rubbing of these acupoints can regulate their function. Rubbing your hands is simple and easy, and can be done anytime and anywhere. This can slow the aging of your body.

Method: Use the palms of your hands or the backs of your hands to rub against each other until your hands are red or feel warm, which can stimulate the hand acupoints and strengthen the body. 

6. Rub your chest to adjust your emotions 

We all know that anger hurts our bodies. When we are angry, we all like to rub our chests to ease our constricted breath. In fact, in addition to calming rage, this action can also enhance the cardiopulmonary function and soothe and regulate emotions. It is recommended to do it frequently. Regulating your emotions can slow aging.

Method: Lightly press the palms of both hands on the breastbone and the ribs on both sides, and do rubbing activities in cycles. You can do each part of the body for 50 cycles and do that several times a day.  

7. Rub your back to keep your back straight 

Rubbing the lower back at the Yaoyan acupoints frequently can keep an old man’s back straight even into his seventies or eighties. Placing your hands on your waist with the four fingers in front and the thumbs on the back, the thumbs stretch backward and land on the position of the Yaoyan points. 

Method: You can make a fist with both hands to massage against the Yaoyan points, or rub with the palms until warm, which can dilate the capillaries in the local skin and improve the endurance of the lumbar muscles. It helps old people stand up straight. It can also prevent low back pain caused by rheumatism and fatigue. 

Two elderly men wearing cardigans and hats and holding canes shake hands.
Rubbing the lower back at the Yaoyan acupoints frequently can keep an old man’s back straight even into his seventies or eighties. (Image: Ljupco via Dreamstime)

8. Rub your feet to live longer 

Chinese medicine believes that amount of nutrients the feet can get is far less than those of other parts of the body because they are at the bottom of the body, but the load the feet support is extremely heavy, which makes them age quickly. 

It has been proven that rubbing the feet can adjust body functions, slow aging, and help people live longer. There is little subcutaneous fat on the soles of the feet, so they can easily become cold, which is why there is a saying that cold starts from the feet. When people sleep, their soles should not face where the wind is from. Massage the soles often to avoid illness. But patients with diabetes should be careful when rubbing their feet.  

Dry rubbing: When dry rubbing, hold the front of the left instep with your left hand, rub it up and down along the sole 100 times with your right hand till warm, and then use your left hand to rub the sole of your right foot. The intensity of the massage should not be enough to make you uncomfortable.   

Wet rubbing: When rubbing wet, put your feet in warm water, soak them until your feet are red, and then use the dry rub method to massage them.

Translated by Patty Zhang and edited by Helen

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