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Tomato and Beef Noodles

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This tomato and beef noodles dish is a hearty soup with noodles that is good anytime, but it is particularly good in the winter.

Prepare time: 15 min
Serves: 4-6
Ready in: 70 min


  • 1.5 pounds flat-cut beef brisket
  • 4 large tomatoes
  • 2 large potatoes, in cubes
  • 3 carrots, in cubes
  • 2 fresh green scallions, cut in half
  • 3-5 slices of fresh ginger
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 yellow onion, cut in half


  • 5 dried or fresh bay leaves
  • 3-5 pieces of star anise
  • 1 small orange piece
  • 1 tsp Chinese peppercorn



Take a 5 qt pot and fill with cold water. Add meat to the pot, and on medium-high heat, bring it to a boil for two minutes. Then rinse the meat with cold water.


Cut up the peeled potato, peeled carrots, ginger, green scallions, onion, and peeled garlic. Wash the tomatoes and cut them into quarter pieces. The seasonings can be placed into a small ingredient bag if you like. It will make them easier to remove.


To a clean and dry 5 qt pot, add 1 tsp of canola oil while on medium heat; fry the ginger, green scallions, onion, and garlic for a minute to bring out the aroma.


Add the beef chunks and fry for a minute to seal. Then add the tomatoes and fry until juicy and soft. Add all of the other ingredients: potato, carrots, and seasonings in the ingredient bag. Fill the pot with about 4 qt of cold water and let it come to a boil, then simmer for about 1 hour. Salt and pepper according to your taste before serving.


Cook your favorite noodles separately and rinse the hot noodles in cold water before serving with the beef soup. Optionally, boil some veggies with the noodle water to serve on the side and add a fried egg on top of each bowl when serving if you like.

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