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4 Uplifting Stories About Family Love, Laughter, and Tears

Every family has cherished memories, a long history, and can recount stories, events, anecdotes of good times, happy times, and difficulties. Here are four brief, insightful family stories from around the world where you will find common themes associated with regular lives.

1. Under the wall

A boy was addicted to the Internet at a secondary boarding school. He often snuck out of the school dormitory in the middle of the night to go online.

One eventful night, he climbed over the wall as usual, but rushed to climb back immediately. He looked disheveled when he came back, but he didn’t say anything. After that, he studied hard and stopped leaving the school premises to go online. There was a rumor at the time that he saw a ghost.

Later, when he was admitted to a prestigious college, his former classmates kept asking him about that night. He kept silent for a long time and eventually admitted what happened. His father traveled that day to pay the school fees, but he was reluctant to pay the cost of staying in a hotel for the night, so he sat under the wall all night. When his son climbed over the wall to go online, his father caught him and gave him a good hiding— unforgettable.

Family matters: He kept silent for a long time about what happened that night but eventually admitted to his friends what happened.
He kept silent for a long time about what happened that fateful night, but eventually admitted to his friends what happened. (Image: via © Benjawan Sittidech)

The moral of the story: With family affection, you have the motivation to work hard. Everything parents do is for their children, and I hope all children come to realize their parents’ hard work and love.

2. Dyed hair

Today, my father dyed his hair at home.

I asked him: Dad, why are you still dyeing your hair when you are almost 60? Do you want to hook up with a new woman?

My dad said: “Every time I go back to my hometown, I dye my hair black. then, your grandma will think I’m still young and she won’t feel old anymore.”

The moral of the story: Caring for children and grandchildren is natural, but don’t forget about the grandparents at home!

3. Grandma catches up

When grandfather was 70, he actually sat outside the gate with a few 5 or 6-year-old children playing marbles on the dirt floor. Every time he lost a game, he scolded and shouted at them.

Grandma cares for her family all her life. (Image: via © Oakdalecat)

Grandma, upon hearing him shouting at the children, was ashamed of his unruly conduct. She came out with a cane to threaten him and put a stop to his shouting and yelling. He ran as soon as he saw her coming. In the end, grandma caught up with him and gave grandpa a few good ones. He was taught a painful and embarrassing lesson.

Afterward, he smiled and said: “If it weren’t for my mother letting me fall when I was a baby, she wouldn’t be able to catch up with me…”

The moral of the story: No matter how old we are, our mothers are always caring toward. They spend all their lives caring for their families.

4. Family compassion

Dad: Son, do you think your dad is strong?

Son: Yes, of course.

Dad: Do you think Shaolin Kung Fu is great?

Son: Great!!

Dad: If I shave my head and practice Shaolin Kung Fu, is that okay?

Son claps his hands: Great!

The next day, the son saw his bald-headed dad and said happily: “Go on, dad, you must become a master.”

Compassion — always trying to cheer up a family member in difficulty. (Image: via © Vitalii Puzankov)

That day was the day before my father’s chemotherapy.

Moral of the story: Behind the joke, there may be a white lie. We should not only look at the performance, but also the essence of the matter.

Translated by Eva

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