Obliterating One’s Conscience for the Benefit of Money

A dirt road winds through the woods.

Madam Yu accepted her plea, and they traveled together. (Image: 5716594 via Pixabay)

The following is a true story about a man with no conscience that happened somewhere in Northeast China more than 80 years ago.

One day, a man was driving from the north to the south in a carriage pulled by three strong horses. Along the way, he noticed a package by the side of the road and stopped to take a look. He was most surprised to find a newborn baby! The infant was wrapped in a brand-new quilt, and upon closer inspection, the coachman discovered a letter from the infant’s mother, along with 300 yuan.

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After reading the letter, the man realized that the child was illegitimate. It was clear that the mother was trying to find a way out for her child. Unfortunately, the coachman was an inhumane person.

Unfortunately, the coachman who found the baby had no conscience.
Unfortunately, the coachman who found the baby was an inhumane person. (Image: via Dreamstime.com © Agg)

The man decided to take the baby’s new quilt and money for himself, and then put the bare baby in the carriage rut, intending to crush the child by running over her. But no matter how the coachman beat the horses, they would not move. Indeed, even animals know that they cannot do such a heinous thing.

However, the evil coachman did not awaken to this hint. Instead, he continued to violently beat the horses until they could endure no more. The three horses eventually dragged the carriage forward, crushing the child to death.

The penalty for betraying one’s conscience

After ruthlessly killing the baby, the coachman continued on his way with the stolen money and the new quilt. Before long, a solitary cloud formed in the otherwise cloudless sky and followed the coachman directly overhead. Suddenly, the entire sky turned very dark and ominous. Torrential rains began to fall from the sky accompanied by fierce lighting and thunder. As the storm raged on, the coachman and three horses were struck by lightning and killed. Shortly thereafter, the sky became clear again.

Storm clouds and lightning fill the sky over mountains.
As the storm raged on, the coachman and three horses were struck by lightning and killed. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

A shepherd tending his sheep on a nearby hillside witnessed the entire event. When the local people came out to see what had happened, they discovered that the internal organs of the man and three horses were missing.

Perhaps Heaven used this as a warning to people that God cannot tolerate such unconscionable acts!

People need to understand that retribution for good and evil is an eternal law of Heaven. Whether you believe it or not, this law of Heaven exists. Although the coachman forced the horses to commit such an evil act, even they did not escape the punishment of Heaven.

Although people do things while ignoring their conscience and try to keep their bad deeds in the dark, God sees them as distinctly as lightning in the sky.

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