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How I Survived the Coronavirus Lockdown: A Guide for Millennials

It was really unimaginable how weird life became during the coronavirus lockdown. The daily adjustments and serious consequences were hard to ignore. Now that life is slowly returning to normal, people are looking back upon their survival strategies.

The dilemma of the Millennials

Of all the people affected by the lockdown, it was possibly the Millennials who were hit the hardest. From the tech-savvy, party-loving life replete with gadgets, weekend trips, and social gatherings to being locked down for months was very real. For working professionals, getting accustomed to working from home also proved to be chaotic.

While the lockdown was hard to bear, the reality is that there was no escape. With offices and restaurants closed and places of public gatherings out of bounds, options were very limited. For the younger generation who found it excruciatingly hard to cope with the lingering lockdown, here are some activities that proved helpful.

Stress should not be overlooked

Stress is bad for overall health and it is applicable for the young professionals who were compelled to work from home. Not being able to work properly or lack of productivity can bog anyone down. Distractions at home can also be stressful. One should seek professional counseling if the stress is ongoing. Stress-busting activities such as meditating, exercise, or yoga also proved helpful.

An Asian woman meditating by the water.
Stress-busting activities such as meditating or yoga can be helpful.(Image: via Le Minh Phuong via Unsplash)

Developing a hobby

The commonest complaint of the Millennials who were home-locked owing to the lingering lockdown was boredom. They couldn’t figure out how to spend their spare time and weekends. For many, developing a hobby helped to alleviate boredom to a great extent. When one can’t go out for relaxation, there are many hobbies that were nurtured indoors. Examples included painting, sculpting, gardening, and experimental cooking.

Staying active matters

Many young people spent plenty of time streaming movies during the lockdown. While that is fine for alleviating boredom, but getting into the couch potato mode is not advisable. Those who lack options to kill time indulged in physical workout sessions. While gyms were closed, it was perfectly possible to do freehand exercises at home.

A closeup of a woman
Those who find a lack of options to kill boredom can indulge in physical workout sessions. (Image via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Tidying up my space

Sometimes, living in a cluttered and untidy space can make people feel down. That is the case with millions who have been working from home for months. It also proved to be the best time to revamp the interiors, from rearranging the workspace to decluttering the rooms, the revamp options are aplenty.

Picking up a new skill

It may not be possible for everyone, but for some younger professionals, the lockdown was the perfect time to develop a new skill. There are many aspiring working professionals who found the time to pick up new skills like singing or learning a new language. The online sources were also very much available to use one’s spare time to pursue new skills.

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