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Your 1-Stop Guide to Setting Up a Mandala Garden

Gardening is a nice hobby and it is something that can benefit the environment. When setting up a garden, esthetics are also important. If you thought that gardens can be designed only in a rectangular or square shape, you are mistaken. You can be creative about garden esthetics. Try setting up a mandala garden for a change and watch your neighbors turn green with envy!

What is a mandala garden?

If you do not know the term and feel it can be a difficult task to set up such a garden, relax. A mandala garden can be set up even though you are not an expert in gardening or horticulture! A mandala garden is a garden laid out in a broadly circular form. It can have many variations, but the outline has to be circular. The inside of the circle can be laid out in diverse geometric patterns.

People set up mandala gardens for several reasons. For some people, having a garden that looks drastically different from that of others in the area is the main reason. Setting up such a garden can enhance the landscape’s looks as well. Besides, a mandala garden also lets you make the best use of available space for gardening.

A mandala garden is a garden laid out in a broadly circular form. (Image: © Petr Zamecnik)

Some useful design ideas

You can pick from a wide range of design patterns/styles for mandala gardens.

Concentric circles

There are people who opt for the concentric circle design for mandala gardens. In this style, a central ring is encircled by concentric circles. The heart can be a keyhole type bed, seating area, a small pond, or a large tree. 

Wheel type

There are people who choose the wheel style design for creating mandala gardens. From the center of the circle, wheel spokes-like paths radiate toward the outer circle.

Spiral form

The spiral form mandala gardens are also quite popular. You can use rocks or heaps of mud to form the spiral design.

Keyhole style

The keyhole style mandala garden looks enticing, though it may take more effort and time to set one up. In the center of the garden, there can be a large keyhole design that can be surrounded by smaller keyhole patterns.

Floral form

If you have enough patience and time, think of setting up a floral design mandala garden. The center can be a hole or heaped up from where flower petals can radiate to the outer circle.

Things to keep in mind

Before setting up a mandala garden and picking a style, it is necessary that you think of a few key aspects. To begin with, think of the land dimensions where the garden will be set up.

You also have to think of the plants that you will be using in the garden. Not all mandala garden styles are suited for all types of plants. You may use one or two types of plants, but there are people who plant both seasonal crops and plants that yield fruits and flowers yearlong in such gardens.

You may opt for raised beds for the inner circles or paths or a brick border, but this requires more effort and time.

You may opt for raised beds for the inner circles or paths or a brick border, but this requires more effort and time. (Image: © Trudywilkerson)

How to implement it

Based on your skill level and intricacy of design, you may be able to set up a mandala garden on your own or with someone’s assistance. It is better that you draw the layout on paper first. Next, use chalk or bricks as markers for creating the outline on the ground. A string tied between two stakes with one at the center will keep the circle’s diameter even. These will also be handy for creating uniform concentric circles or a spiral form. Of course, you will need some equipment for digging the soil and giving shape to the garden.

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