Effective Heavy Metal Detox by Consuming the Right Kinds of Food

People are becoming more aware of heavy metal toxicity and heavy metal detox.

Foods with more than the permissible amount of heavy metals can be harmful to human health. (Image: via Dreamstime.com © Jarun011)

Going on a heavy metal detox is all in vogue now. When consuming foods of varying types, people are becoming more aware of things that are getting inside their bodies. A lot of ailments, toxins, and infections are food-borne. Foods with more than the permissible amount of heavy metals can be harmful to human health.

While foods containing small amounts of heavy metals, like iron and zinc, are required for bodily functions, consuming certain metals through foods in excess amounts can be toxic.

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When heavy metals accumulate in the body in excess amounts, certain ailments can set in. Excess heavy metals can be eliminated and heavy metal detox can be done by eating specific kinds of foods.

The impact of heavy metal accumulation on the human body

Heavy metal toxicity may have a far-reaching impact on the human body. It can affect the proper functioning of body organs like the lungs, liver, and brain-adversely.

When your body has elevated levels of heavy metals, it impacts blood composition and energy levels too. Prolonged heavy metal toxicity can pave the way for degenerative ailments like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. The risk of cancerous growth can’t be ruled out either.

The heavy metals that can be harmful to the human body

·         chromium

·         cadmium

·         arsenic

·         mercury

·         aluminum

·         lead

·         nickel

·         iron

·         zinc

How these heavy metals enter the human body

There are many paths through which heavy metals can enter the human body. A number of such metals enter through foods and beverages. The other routes are smoking tobacco products, pesticides used on crops, exposure to industrial waste, soil erosion, fossil fuel emissions, air and water pollution, etc.

How a heavy metal detox can be done

Going on a heavy metal detox may help victims evade serious health complications. Medical doctors recommend using specialized drugs that bind to the metals and purge them from the body.

However, it may not be suitable for all people coping with the condition. There has been documented evidence of chelation therapy leading to fatal consequences. A safer alternative is using specific types of food to eradicate heavy metal traces from the body.

Choosing the right foods for a safe and effective heavy metal detox

Heavy metal detox - Animal study findings hint that eating cilantro can help diminish lead absorption.
Animal study findings hint that eating cilantro can help diminish lead absorption. (Image: Jarun011 via Dreamstime)

To ensure that heavy metals are discarded from the human body minus the side effects, the following types of foods should be included in your diet.

·         Dietary fiber — A number of studies have hinted that consuming foods rich in fiber can help the body get rid of heavy metals. These include most fruits and grains containing bran. Fiber-enhanced foods can be good for reducing mercury levels in the blood.

·         Cilantro — Animal study findings hint that eating cilantro can help diminish lead absorption.

·         Sulfur-containing foods — The veggies and herbs like garlic and broccoli that contain sulfur may be good for discarding heavy metals. A few studies have hinted that eating garlic helps thwart kidney damage caused by metals like cadmium.

·         Selenium — Studies have shown that adding organic selenium supplementation helps people cope with mercury exposure.

·         Vitamins B and C — Including foods in your diet with enough vitamin C and B6 can be good for preventing heavy metal toxicity.

The veggies and herbs like garlic and broccoli that contain sulfur may be good for discarding heavy metals. (Image: Vanillaechoes via Dreamstime)

To evade the possibility of heavy metal toxicity, it is also necessary that you evade eating specific kinds of foods. These include:

 ·         Avoid eating all kinds of foods with trans-fat and skip processed foods as well.

·         It may sound odd, but cutting down on brown rice can be helpful since it may contain arsenic.

·         Sea fish is good for your health, but certain species should be avoided as they contain higher amounts of mercury.

Summing it up

Eating a well-balanced diet of course is good for everyone. It is very difficult to get wholesome pure food and pure fresh water now. And it can be expensive. If you feel that your body is under the influence of heavy metal toxicity, your trusted medical practitioner or nutritionist will be able to advise you of a test to help you determine this.

Eliminating heavy metals from the body can be beneficial. Before including or discarding specific foods in the diet for this purpose, consulting a doctor or diet expert is advisable. It would be prudent to also consult your health practitioner before using supplements for heavy metal detoxifying.

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