A Blessed Person Has These 8 Uplifting Characteristics and Much More

Cardiovascular health is about more than physical fitness. It is also about mindfulness, and being contempt with one’s life and destiny.  (Image: John Hain via Pixabay)

Life’s journey is rich and varied, bringing both beautiful moments and untold hardships. If you can face all of life with a good and sunny heart, if you are proactive, calm, and unafraid, then you are a truly blessed person and many blessings will be freely given to you.

8 characteristics of a blessed person

1. Goodness

The ancients believed that great virtue can carry all things. As long as a person is of good moral standing, he can accomplish anything. On the contrary, someone with no morality will not get very far in this life or the next. Goodness is a great virtue and is a blessing that will win the respect of many.

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2. Kindness

Kindness is the key element of a good character. People will admire those with a kind and grateful heart. Only those who truly understand and treasure true kindness can live as a beam of light. What goes around comes around — kindness will bring blessings to those who practice it.

3. Keeping promises

Keeping one’s word has been vital to an ordered society since ancient times. Being true to your promises is one way to ensure true connections with others. Being true to your word and resolute in your deeds will bring you peace and happiness. By keeping your word, you will be blessed, as people will find you trustworthy.

4. Tolerance

Tolerating others, especially those with different opinions from your own, will help you to have a kind and open heart. Intolerance brings discontent and makes life harder for you. Happiness is something that lives in your own heart and nowhere else.

If you have a happy heart, you will find beauty everywhere you look. When you are forgiving, open-minded, and optimistic in your outlook, your troubles will disappear, happiness will flow, and blessings will be given to you without seeking them.

5. Honesty

A blessed person is honest.
Not only is honesty the best policy, it is a great foundation for life in itself. (Image: Gerd Altmann via Pixabay)

Having honesty as the foundation of your life will bring you good friends and the respect of others. Being genuine will earn you the rewards you deserve. Not only is honesty the best policy, it is a great principle and foundation for life itself.

6. Modesty

Humility is another important part of having a good character. As the saying goes: “The bird that flies higher than the flock is the one that becomes the target.” Arrogant people not only offend others, they also become the focus of negative attention. Sooner or later they cause trouble, both for themselves and others.

Being humble and low-key is the way to win respect and approval from others; keeping a low profile is the wise way to live in this world.

7. Integrity

A man may not be a great man, but he can be a man of integrity. Having a conscience is the most important part of having an upright character.

The Cambridge dictionary defines integrity as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change.

8. Perseverance

It is vital to have perseverance. Approaching life with determination, perseverance, and patience will ensure everything you need will come to you. As the saying goes: “Dripping water can shape a stone and an iron rod can be whittled down to a needle.” Perseverance is key — blessings come to those who are determined.

There are so many more. Living a good, kind, trustworthy, and honest life is a reward in itself. We aspire to live this kind of life not to seek anything off anyone, nor to seek approval from anyone, nor to show off how good we are, nor to preach at anyone, nor to look down on anyone, but because this is a moral way to live and to build our own priceless good character.

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