Advantages and Drawbacks of Using a Dog Car Seat

Two dogs in car seats.

If you love taking road trips and don't like to leave your dogs at home, maybe you should get a dog car seat. (Image: Annaav via Dreamstime)

Are you absolutely fond of your canine companion and want to ensure he/she stays in the best shape at all times? Then you should buy the right accessories for him/her. If you use your vehicle to travel to places and do not like to leave your beloved dog at home, it is prudent to invest in a dog car seat. Whether you have an SUV or a compact, equipping the car with a dog seat can be beneficial. However, you have to know the pros and cons of a dog car seat before you buy.


Safeguards your canine friend

A proper-sized dog seat ensures your dog stays safe while driving. These seats are designed to accommodate dog breeds of varying sizes and shapes. Even if you drive on bumpy roads or need to apply the brakes abruptly, the dog will not easily get hurt. The risk of your dog getting jostled around inside the car gets largely reduced when you install and use the right type of dog car seat.

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Less distraction while driving

Not every dog has the same temperament. There are some breeds of dogs that are very playful in nature and it becomes hard to keep them calm inside a car. Imagine the situation when you are driving the car on steep roads and the dog jumps from the back seat to get close to you! This can lead to mishaps on the road. To evade such hassles, investing in a suitable dog car seat is ideal.

Black and white dog sits securely in a dog car seat.
With your dog securely in place, you’ll have less distraction while driving. (Image: Andrey Popov via Dreamstime)

Car interior remains clean

A lot of dog owners who travel with their canine companions find keeping the car interior tidy an uphill task! Dogs shed fur and may scratch the car seats and upholstery when they are tense or stressed. In some cases, sick dogs may vomit inside the car. When you use a dog car seat, the inside of your vehicle remains in a better state.

Help keep the dog calm

Some dogs feel uneasy while traveling in cars because they cannot see outside or do not get enough fresh air. This can especially happen if you have a big car and a small-sized dog. In this case, getting a dog car seat can enable your canine friend to get a good view of the outside and he/she will be able to breathe in fresh air through the car windows too. It also effectively reduces the risk of motion sickness.


Tough to use with large dog breeds

You may find it hard to find a suitable dog car seat if your dog is quite large. Some large-sized dog breeds may feel uneasy when fitted inside such seats.

Hard on moody dogs

Some dogs are simply moody and they do not like the idea of sitting in a confined place inside a moving vehicle for long.

Black and white dog laying in the backseat of a car.
It can be hard for moody dogs to sit in a confined place inside a moving vehicle for long. (Image: Yuen Siutien via Dreamstime)

Getting the right dog car seat

If you have not used a dog car seat, buying the right model can be rather tough. Based on the size of your dog, you can pick from bed style or bucket type dog seats.

Try the Bucket Booster Pet Seat by K&H PET PRODUCTS for a hassle-free solution. The seat can be elevated to give your dog a perfect view of the outside. It comes with a seat belt. Setting it up is simple and the company offers a 1-year warranty.

You may also consider the PetSafe bucket booster pet seat. It comes in three different sizes. The model is laden with an oxford polyester shell. It can be set up fast.

The Henkelion Pet Dog Booster Seat is another worthy option. It has 600D oxford fabric and comes with a whole support metal rod and two safety belts.

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