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5 Healthy Habits for a Better Life

Your lifestyle offers profound insights into your persona. Often when we see a fit and healthy person, we are inspired to look at ourselves and see where we can improve ourselves and incorporate more healthy habits into our daily routine.

“Fit and healthy” is never synonymous with being slim or lean. And it is not always about food or watching the scales, or how fast you can run. Nevertheless, it is usually synonymous with having a balanced and holistic lifestyle — being more confident and level-headed.

We often think that a healthy person leads a disciplined life, and keeps to positive routines that in turn uplift other aspects of their lives, such as better productivity, more focus, and meeting deadlines. developing better healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle help you achieve more in life.

The need for, and benefits of, healthy habits

Having a healthy body often helps you have a healthy mind and soul. But with a majority of the population being of working age, maintaining a healthy lifestyle for this group becomes a big challenge. It is, however, well worth the effort.

The rush hours, the need to build a stable career, the furthering of academic and economic interests all add up to sowing the seeds of chronic stress that result in disease and serious health conditions, often irreversible.

When it comes to healthy habits, food is definitely on the list, but it is not the be all and the end all of a healthy lifestyle. (Image: via © Yuliia Chyzhevska)

Having even a minor inconvenience like recurrent backaches from sitting in a slouched position at the work desk can lead to slow deterioration of the spinal bones (spondylosis).

Given the work-from-home culture that has gained momentum during the coronavirus pandemic, what little routine officegoers had is now out the window.

Inconsistent working hours and schedules, becoming too comfortable in pajamas, and overall having a lethargy when it comes to even going out to buy groceries, have led people to slide down into becoming an unhealthy version of themselves.

While the thought of contracting or developing a serious health condition before hitting 40 is scary, the need to work out and take up a healthy lifestyle starts with following certain simple steps.

5 simple healthy habits to incorporate into your lifestyle

Many celebrities, including actors and athletes, often do not look their age since they are so fit and their skin glows even without makeup. Aspiring to achieve that state of health requires following simple yet effective habits that need to be followed diligently.

1. Get Up Early

When you want to form a routine, start by regulating your sleep cycle. Waking up early will not only help you have more daylight to be productive, but you can catch up with the early sun for some good vitamin D dosages.

We humans are diurnal beings, and being awake late at night often messes with our bio-rhythmicity. Once upon a time, our ancestors were attuned to nature and it helped them survive all those epochs. When we set our alarms for early mornings, we can slowly achieve an attuned feeling that will make us healthier without having to sweat hard for it.

2. Never skip breakfast

To lose weight, or to rush to work, people often tend to skip meals, especially breakfast. Being the most important meal of the day, a healthy breakfast contributes not only to the required amount of energy to help you sail through the day, but also to get the required nutrition.

A well-balanced breakfast actually helps you lose weight as many researchers are now proving. Having fruits, juices, cereals, and no carbs for breakfast will help you stock up on energy without worrying about gaining adipose layers.

3. Stay hydrated

Only one of the Healthy Habits - stay hydrated; "adequate fluid intake will also prevent you from binge eating."
Stay hydrated — adequate fluid intake will also prevent you from binge eating. (Image: via Mauritius images / Minden Pictures / Suzi Eszterhas)

You are made of 70 percent water. Staying hydrated also helps you stay fresh, helps your skin feel better, and prevents lethargy caused by a dry throat to creep into your work time. Whether you are drinking plain water, opting for low sugar juices, or starting with infused drinks, adequate fluid intake will also prevent you from binge eating.

4. Work out

Pilates, yoga, cardio, calisthenics — there are so many forms of workouts! You can mix and match or keep it simple with age-old jogging and walking, but incorporating routine exercise will help you ease out all the stiffness and kinks in your muscles and joints caused by desk jobs. Additionally, keep moving around after every hour of sitting time and stretch your body a little to stay flexible.

5. Learn to listen to your body

Don’t overdo it. Whether you are working or exercising, remember to listen to how your body reacts in a certain situation. (Image: via © Steve Kingsman)

Whether you are working or exercising, remember to listen to how your body reacts to a certain situation. If a part hurts while exercising, do not force yourself to work harder. If you feel work is not progressing as you want, you should take a rest and read or take up a hobby.

Staying healthy starts with developing a body-positive attitude. Many industries thrive on the insecurities humans have regarding their bodies and looks.

There are slimming centers selling slimming products and muscle gaining shakes are available aplenty on the market. People think that being overweight means they need to lose weight. What many do not consider is their body structure and bone density. Depending simply on numbers reflected on a bathroom scale will never help you become healthy. So start by ditching your bathroom scale.

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