Your One-Stop Guide to Throwing a Tea Party for Friends and Colleagues

A woman pouring tea from a teapot that looks like a lemon into a glass full of ice.

Everyone needs stress-busting from time to time and that includes working women in their 20s and 30s, too, so why not host your own tea party? (Image: JillWellington via Pixabay)

Everyone needs stress-busting from time to time and that includes working women in their 20s and 30s, too! Rather than hitting a club with your female co-workers on weekends, it may be better to throw a cozy tea party at home. It can be arranged sans alcohol, but you can still make the party a thoroughly enjoyable one. If you are not sure about how to host a tea party at home and make it a roaring success, do not worry.

How to throw a tea party

Invite your friends in style

The invitations to the tea party should look alluring! They should make your friends eager to attend the party regardless of their schedules and workload. You may use email or messenger chat apps, based on your needs. If you have enough time, make use of online card designing tools There are apps that do this, too. Use funky language and one-liners to get your friends hooked instantly. 

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Do not decorate too much

Before throwing a tea party at home, you should spruce up the room. However, do not go overboard about adorning the place. After all, this is not a formal event and the room should look cozy and clean. The décor can be anything that suits your mood and fancy. You may choose themes like jungle, beach, or Halloween, if the timing matches! Try using items like fancy paper lanterns and elevate the ambiance by using aromatherapy candles. You may also opt for designer Led lights or dimming lights to set up the right atmosphere.

A box of scented candles in a variety of colors.
Elevate the ambiance by using aromatherapy candles. (Image via Pixabay)

Adorn the table well

You should focus on adorning the table because you will be sitting around it and having a gala time. That does not necessarily mean you will have to buy expensive dishes for the party. You may be innovative and opt for a disposable tea set and cups made of eco-friendly stuff. Ensure you keep plenty of paper towels and napkins in stock.

Choose the menu wisely

You have to be careful about picking the right dishes. Choose light and healthy snacks that go well with tea. Based on your mood and preferences, you can be experimental with the beverage. If it is a scorching summer evening, why not go for iced peppermint or spearmint tea? Or you may opt for coffee too. A steaming cup of coffee after a grueling day’s work sounds relaxing does it not?

Mocktails are also fine. Try going for a variety. What goes well with such beverages? Well, try crispy grilled sandwiches with chicken or a mixed vegetable filling. You can also offer up some exotic dried fruit, if you wish.

Set the ambiance of your tea party with music

Yes, you will be chatting with your friends a lot but that does not mean there should not be music. A party without some nice tracks playing in the background sounds half-baked! Based on the theme of the party, choose some light pop or instrumental melodies. You may actually prepare fitting playlists for the party in advance and that will be better than sorting from the tracks when the party is on.

YouTube Music app being installed on a smartphone.
Preparing a fitting playlist for the party in advance will be better than sorting from the tracks when the party is on. (Image: Seemanta Dutta via Dreamstime)

Jazz it up with some games

After snacking on your favorite foods, you may feel like indulging in some games. You can choose standard card games or interactive guessing games such as “Who am I?” For the latter, each guest will get a sticky note with a character name on it and stick it to their forehead or hat. Then, they have to go around asking yes or no questions to the other guests in order to figure out who they are. Tell everyone what the theme is. It can be anything, from cartoon or fairy tale characters to Hollywood celebs or musicians.

Things to watch out for

To ensure your tea party is not interrupted by unwanted developments, check a few things carefully. Make sure you’re caught up on any assignments for work and are not on call. It would also be ideal to keep your pets out of the area unless you know all the guests are very pet-friendly!

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