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Green Plums: 6 Amazing Health Benefits

Green plums are often seen as one of the finest dessert plums in the world and are known by various names, like greengage, Kakadu plum, wild plum, and murunga.

They contain a lot of fiber and are rich in Vitamin C, sodium, calcium, potassium, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, and phytonutrients. Usually, they are used in the preparation of jams, pies, tarts, and sorbets.

However, some people are fond of eating them raw with salt. Regular consumption of green plums is known to provide several health benefits.

1. Immune booster

When a person engages in nutrient-depleting activities like strenuous physical exercise or experiences stress, one of the first nutrients to go is Vitamin C. This can lead to a compromised immune system, opening a person up to a higher risk of contracting colds and other health issues. Only by replenishing the missing nutrient can the problem be rectified.

Though there are Vitamin C tablets available in the market, why buy them when you can consume a few green plums in the form of jam or sorbet every day and get the same benefits? If you have a home garden, you can plant green plum saplings and get your daily dose of Vitamin C for free.

2. High antioxidant content of green plums

Green plums contain one of the highest levels of antioxidants in the world, even more than the well-known blueberry. In fact, when compared to blueberries, green plums offer almost 10 times the potassium and 4.7 times as many phenolic compounds. Due to the presence of phytonutrients, scientists have also researched green plums as a possible cancer-fighting food.

Green plums contain one of the highest levels of antioxidants in the world, even more than the well-known blueberry.(Image via pixabay / CC0 1.0)
Green plums contain one of the highest levels of antioxidants in the world, even more than the well-known blueberry. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

3. Delay signs of aging

Eating green plums is said to make the skin look younger, perhaps due to the Vitamin C they contain, which has the potential to cut down on the incidence of age spots and wrinkles. The iron, zinc, Vitamin E, lutein, and folate contained in the plum also help ensure that your skin is nourished and invigorated.

4. Digestion

Thanks to their high fiber content, green plums aid in the digestive process, allowing for better absorption of nutrients. Plus, eating them helps avoid incidences of bloating and constipation. Catechin in the plums promotes proper peristalsis, a series of muscle contractions that transports food to the various processing regions in the digestive tract. So eat a few green plums every day and your stomach shouldn’t give you much trouble.

5. Fight Alzheimer’s

Among the most popular superfoods, turmeric occupies a high position. This is because of the presence of curcumin, which is known to have strong antioxidant properties. However, the antioxidant properties of green plums are said to be seven times that of curcumin, which essentially makes it one of the best superfoods in the world.

(Image via pixabay / CC0 1.0)
Turmeric contains curcumin, which is known to have strong antioxidant properties. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

This quality in the plum comes from the harsh surroundings in which it is grown. Due to its environment, the plant has to work harder to produce the antioxidants needed for it to survive. These antioxidants are usually stored in the fruit. Eating green plums can protect brain neurons from damage caused by free radicals and toxic agents, thereby helping prevent Alzheimer’s.

6. Prevent anemia

Due to their high iron content, consuming green plums will keep iron levels in the blood stable. As a consequence, the body is less likely to suffer from iron deficiency or develop anemia.

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