Sunday, November 28, 2021

Mortal Enemies in Chinese Zodiac Relationships

Chinese zodiac relationships tell you a lot about yourself and the people around you. Ever wondered why you get along really well with some people and very poorly with others?

According to Chinese zodiac relationships, certain animal signs are highly compatible and harmonize well together, while others find it impossible to get along with each other no matter how hard they try.

These pairs of Chinese zodiac signs are considered mortal enemies — the worst possible compatibility matches — in the Chinese zodiac cycle. Be alert!

Chinese zodiac relationships: Incompatible pairs

1. Rat and Horse

2. Ox and Goat

3. Tiger and Monkey

4. Rabbit and Rooster

5. Dragon and Dog

6. Snake and Pig

Young woman disgusted by a geeky boy handing her flowers.
For Chinese zodiac relationships, all is not lost if you find yourself at loggerheads with someone. Learn how to get along with their weaknesses and bring out the best in people. (Image: via © Antonio Guillem)

So what do you do if your Chinese zodiac relationship is incompatible? All is not lost! Find out more about their character traits and your own. By learning more about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, you can take positive steps to overcome your differences and find harmony between the two of you. With a lot of effort, and some give and take, everything can be sorted.

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Emma Lu
Emma Lu is an author who specializes in Cultural and Historical myths and stories.

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