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The New LEGO Typewriter Set is Amazing

For millions of kids across the world, some of the best childhood memories are playing with wonderful LEGO toys! The company is known for making real-life replicas of toys that have amazing build quality and innovativeness. Recently, a new LEGO typewriter set was released that has received positive reviews from collectors. Users have praised the Lego typewriter set for its resemblance to real typewriter models.

The model was designed by Steve Guinness, a UK-based Lego fan. He submitted his concept to the LEGO Ideas platform, which takes new designs dreamed up by fans, puts them to a public vote, and turns them into reality. Guinness’ winning concept, which won more than 10,000 votes, will also see him receive a share of the profits from sales.

The vintage-looking LEGO typewriter set is inspired by a typewriter model that was used by Ole Kirk Kristiansen, the company founder. Intricately designed to mirror the function and tactility of a classic typewriter, the typewriter features a center typebar that rises each time a letter key is pressed, linked to a carriage that moves across as you type, as well as a platen roller that real paper can be fed into.

The vintage-looking LEGO typewriter set is inspired by a typewriter model which was used by Ole Kirk Kristiansen, the company founder. (Image: LEGO)

In a fitting nod to the lost art of letter writing, the premium quality LEGO typewriter set also comes with a letter written and signed by Thomas Kirk Kristiansen, chairman of the LEGO Group and a fourth-generation member of the family that still privately owns the business to this day.

In terms of looks, it is a vintage model, but the company has used some cues from modern typewriters too. The green and black combination stands out. It is a compact model with a width of 27 cm and a length of 26 cm.

While the concept of the typewriter dates back to the early 18th century, Steve’s design, and the LEGO design team’s development of it, captures the styling cues of the modern 20th-century typewriters, which still have a cult following today.

Steve said on the topic: “I wanted to create something totally different from anything that LEGO has ever done before and showcase that you really can make anything out of LEGO. I bought a vintage typewriter for my research and then played around with bricks and the mechanism until I was happy with the design.” He added that the model is likely to induce a sense of nostalgia in grown-up Lego fans like him. Even the young generation of LEGO users may feel intrigued by it, especially those who have not seen real typewriters in the digital era.

The model was designed by Steve Guinness, a UK-based Lego fan. (Image: LEGO)

The LEGO group management is also happy about the development. LEGO Group’s VP of Global Marketing Federico Begher said: “It’s not hard to see why the vintage typewriter has such enduring appeal, and Steve’s incredible replica is a thoroughly worthy LEGO Ideas success story. For many, the escape from the connected world to the simplicity of the typewriter is a similar experience to the mindful process of building with LEGO bricks. Here, we have a LEGO set that combines these two worlds seamlessly and like its real-life counterparts, is something LEGO fans will be proud to display in their homes.”

The vintage-style LEGO Typewriter went on sale on June 16, 2021, and you can buy it from the LEGO website too. The model has 2,079-pieces, including a carriage and moving keys. The set has a price tag of US$199.99. The typewriter set is expected to sell in huge numbers, much like typical LEGO products.

It’s hard to pick which part of the build looks like the most fun, although clicking the array of type hammers in their rightful place seems tantalizing. Regardless, with 2,079-pieces, the set will doubtlessly offer hours of build-time fun!

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