The Relevance of Traditional Values in Society

Asian family at the table. Father, two children and a mother reaching from inbetween the children passing the father a green salad bowl.

Traditional values are regarded as the foundation pillars of a family and of society at large. (Image: Pixabay, CC 2.0

Traditional values are regarded as the foundational pillars of a family and of society at large. These values are all-inclusive, covering our past, present, and future. It sets reminders from history, which defines the past, helps in shaping our present, and most importantly plays a crucial role in developing who we will become tomorrow.

Our identity is shaped and molded to a great extent by traditional values. We all unanimously believe that our culture is represented directly by the traditions and customs that we follow. A country or society with rich traditions and customs has an opulent cultural heritage. And that is what makes it acceptable to the world.

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There are different facets of traditional values and it is important that they are understood well.
There are different facets of traditional values and it is important that they are understood well. (Image: via Pixabay)

Understanding the facets of traditional values

There are different facets of traditional values and it is important that they are understood. We will discuss some of them here:

How they define us

Traditional values vary from one religion to another and this stands as an identifying trait. This trait starts from the family unit and expands to an entire culture. It is these cultures, customs, and traditions that people can call their own. These traditions are inherited as legacy and family members carry them forward in their own way. Though there might be subtle changes in the process, the foundation remains the same.

Cultural and religious heritage

Educating one on their cultural and religious heritage is critical to having a complete idea of where one belongs and what is expected. These values are not consciously chosen — these are mostly beliefs that cascade from parents to their children. It is the responsibility of individuals to think and understand which beliefs to accept and which to ignore.

Family bonding

There was a time when large families existed with all members living under one roof. Extended family members also stayed together, sharing the ups and downs of life together. There was a strong bond among members in spite of the many differences that might exist among family members. All this was possible because of traditional values.

Sadly, the concept of family bonding has changed. Most members of today’s family are busy in their lives with fewer and fewer direct interactions with one another. As a result, it is difficult for children of such families to truly grasp the value of family bonding and traditional values.

Values are not consciously chosen — these are mostly beliefs that cascade from parents to their children.
Values are not consciously chosen — these are mostly beliefs that cascade from parents to their children. (Image: via Pixabay)

Developing traditional values

It is true that everything cannot be taught, but then, there are ways in which traditional values can be developed. Below are some of the ways:

Be very aware of what you are saying and modeling, as children follow these closely. They follow actions minutely and do what they see. This is what everyone in the family needs to be careful about.

Reinforce and label the expression of values. When someone demonstrates traditional values, which are vital, appreciate them. This recognition will boost confidence and help in establishing more values.

Volunteering for community projects as a family helps to develop traditional values by helping others for a cause. It has been seen that such activities also encourage others to participate.

Nurturing and developing empathy is the main foundation of compassion. And without compassion and feeling for others, there are no values. Show empathy to people — they will respond and reciprocate in the same way.

Teaching good sportsmanship is vital. We all strive to win, but healthy competition despite winning or losing builds character and confidence.

It is clear that without traditional values, we stand alone in society. People might claim that inherent change is inevitable, but without core traditional and cultural values, many are left adrift and without direction.

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