Chinese Feng Shui Guidelines for Best Bed Position

Optimum bed and bedroom feng shui.

What are the things that you should pay special attention to regarding Feng Shui and your home? (Image: ArchitectureVIZ via Dreamstime)

Do you know the feng shui of your bed in relation to your health, your well-being, as well as the quality of your relationships? Here are some Chinese feng shui guidelines for the best bed position.

Choosing the right bed

  1. Choosing a wooden bed and having a mattress with natural fiber, and cotton or linen sheets, is best, as they have a good feng shui combination of gentle and supporting feng shui energies for your bedroom.
  2. Futons are one of the best designs for rest because they are made of 100 percent natural materials, but it is a shame they are so low. Ideally, a bed should be between 2 and 2 ½ feet off the ground.
  3. Metal sleepers can conduct geopathic and electromagnetic stress. If you have a metal rest, tie some red ribbon on the bed to take away some of the metal energy.
  4. Four-poster rests can be difficult to get out of and lead to feelings of isolation. Round mattresses and beds lead to instability and brief relationships.
  5. Water rests are usually heated by metal coils. The water transmits the electrical field produced by these heating elements, which interferes with normal sleeping patterns. Water and fire together are destructive.
  6. Be mindful of good feng shui energy and do not buy used mattresses — you never know what energy they have accumulated from previous owners.

The best bed position for your health

Do you know the best bed position for you?.
Some prefer the raised bed, rather than the low-level design. (Image: Chernetskaya via Dreamstime)

Some feng shui schools teach that your bed should face east or north or west. My experience is that the best bed position relative to the bedroom door rates more importantly than the compass direction the bed faces. That is, you don’t analyze whether your rest faces east, west, north, or south. You can rest easy and position your bed according to the door.

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Your bed should sit as far from the bedroom door as possible. If the door is on the left, the best position is the far right corner of the room; if the door is on the right, the best bed location is the far left of the room; and if the door is in the center, the best location is either the far right or far left corner of the room. The farther your bed sits from the door, the more control you can feel over your space and your life.

The headboard should always be against a wall. If not, you can become insecure and less grounded.

Never have the headboard against a window. Not only is this not the best bed position for your health — it is one of the worst positions. If the headboard is against a window, it will damage your liver. If you have the headboard positioned so that half of the unit is against a wall and half against a window, you will not only damage your liver, but also become more insecure and feel less supported by your parents.

Never position your bed feet first directly lined up with the door, i.e., never position it directly facing out the door. This may indicate a funeral.

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