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Physiognomy Can Reveal Your Fortune

Physiognomy, or Chinese face reading, has a history of several thousand years in China.

Most of us are familiar with using palm reading to determine fate and fortune. But how about the face? Physiognomy is a science that predicts fate by reading the facial features of people. As the saying goes: “Personality and thought can be judged by people’s faces.”

Through face reading, many things can be learned — such as fate, character, future, and fortune — about someone you meet for the first time. Of great importance, it is applicable to many occasions, like a blind date, job interviews, making friends, and business negotiations, and can prevent some wrong decisions.

However, physiognomy is quite complicated and difficult to master. Following are some of the basic knowledge and techniques of face reading for you to get started — you can learn the general characteristics of someone once you master the knowledge.

Physiognomy characteristics

The forehead

The forehead represents one’s luck in youth, as well as one’s father, mother, husband, luck, career prospect, thinking, analytic ability, and so on.  A good forehead is clean and broad. There aren’t any messy lines, moles, or scars, and no concave or drooping hairline. It is neither narrow nor overly protruding, and not dark or gloomy.

A clean and broad forehead is a symbol of beauty and wisdom. In everyday life, celebrities, businessmen, and dignitaries often have a broad forehead that indicates some good fortune lies ahead.

Bright piercing eyes with a clear distinction between black and white are the best. (Image: © Iurii Sokolov)

The eyes

Eyes relate to wealth and rank. Bright piercing eyes with a clear distinction between black and white are the best.

The size, position, shape, and look of the eyes not only reflect your personality, but also reveal the ups and downs of your fortune in life, including career, fame, wealth, relationships, and marriage.

The eyebrows

Eyebrows are related to health and longevity, and are in charge of fame, status, and luck with brothers and friends. Loose eyebrows indicate being on bad terms with friends and brothers and making friends with villains; eyebrows with retrorse hair suggest bad temper and criminal activity.

The nose

The nose is located at the center of the face and is also the highest point of the face. When looking at a person, the nose can easily become the focus.

The nose is related to wealth. A nose with an upturning apex indicates difficulty in making a fortune, while a garlic bulb-shaped apex is good; since the two sides of the apex represent the treasury, a smaller apex indicates a failure in saving wealth.

As you grow older, the apex plays the greatest impact on luck for wealth. If the apex of the nose has a mole or is wry, sharp, or thin, it suggests the person has deep pockets. Also, the nose is related to health and if the bridge is collapsed, it suggests poor health.

In physiognomy, the nose is related to wealth.
The nose is related to wealth. (Image: © Butsayapics )

The chin and jaw

In a physiognomy reading, the chin and jaw represent one’s fortune trend in later years, as well as luck with children and subordinates. It is generally believed that a broad, round, and plump chin is a symbol of wealth. The short, extremely jutting, pointed, or fleshy chin with a scar, wrinkle, or bad mole is regarded as the worst.

The ears

Ears show whether you have good luck. The outer part of the ear is the helix, while the inner part is the auricular. The complete, well-defined, big, and thick ears that cling to the after brain, are higher than the eyebrows at the highest point.

People with large earlobes have good luck with money and friends; women with large, soft earlobes are generous to others, especially to their husbands and children, and have a warm, understanding heart, an ideal wife for a man.

The lips

Face reading believes that the lips can reveal a person’s desires, and can also reveal a person’s temperament. Beautiful lips show a person’s dignity, simplicity, beauty, elegance, and infinite charm.

The philtrum is a vertical, narrow, and long groove that everyone has between the nose and upper lip. It presents luck in older age. The clear philtrum is believed to be auspicious while a narrow, shallow, and dull philtrum with a mole or scar is considered to be inauspicious.

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