16 Longevity Tips From Traditional Chinese Medicine

An elderly Chinese man in a blue suit and glasses weighs out ingredients for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Follow these 16 longevity tips from traditional Chinese medicine for a healthier and longer life. (Image: Hsc via Dreamstime)

In China, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a history that goes back several thousand years. TCM is a complex system that covers all aspects of life and health, including longevity tips.

16 longevity tips for a healthier and longer life

1. Comb your hair frequently

It will help to brighten your eyes, dispel pathogenic wind, and let your hair grow back and turn dark.

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2. Wash your face frequently

Washing your face can help drive out negative influences, keep your blood and Qi vigorous, and reduce wrinkles.

3. Exercise your eyes frequently

Exercising your eyes can help you get rid of cataracts and external eye diseases, and correct myopiahyperopia, and presbyopia.

A pair of eyeglasses with black plastic frames sits on an eyechart.
Exercising your eyes frequently may help prevent eye diseases and improve vision. (Image: Niphon Subsri via Dreamstime)

4. Flick your ears frequently

“Beating the Heavenly Drum,” covering the ears and then flicking the index fingers against the muscles at the back of the neck can enhance your hearing ability.

5. Gargle frequently

Saliva, which is also called nectar, is a part of the digestive juices. Swallowing saliva anytime is good for your appetite and spleen.

6. Click your teeth frequently

As the proverb goes: “Clicking your teeth over 30 times every day will let your teeth never lose.”

7. Breathe out bad air frequently

It is the so-called guhe, breathing in fresh air until filling up your belly and chest, and letting out all the foul air slowly. Repeat the above process several times every day. This can help you purge stagnation and increase your lung capacity.

Breathing out bad air frequently is one of the TCM longevity tips.
Breathing out bad air frequently can help you purge stagnation and increase your lung capacity. (Image: David Munoz Gonzalez via Dreamstime)

8. Expand your chest frequently

The movement that expands the chest and lets the air flow into the lungs can protect your heart and lungs, and help you breathe smoothly.

9. Rub your belly frequently

Rubbing your belly button and abdomen can enhance your gastrointestinal motility and purge stagnation.

10. Twist your waist frequently

Waist twisting can reinforce your waist and kidneys.

11. Lift up your anus frequently

Lifting up your anus can help you raise Yang and exclude foul air.

12. Move your joints frequently

“Moving the joints frequently can improve their flexibility.”

13. Stretch your legs and knees frequently

“Human aging starts from the feet.” Stretching your legs and rubbing your knees and Zusanli acupuncture point is good for preventing aging and helps you live longer.

Young woman sitting on a rug stretches to touch her toes.
Stretch your legs and knees frequently. (Image: Vyacheslav Apalkov via Dreamstime)

14. Massage your skin frequently

In ancient times, massage was called bathing. Massaging your whole body can improve your blood circulation, and make your skin smooth and shiny.

15. Rub the middle bottom of your feet frequently

A person’s Yongquan points are like the bottom of the sea. So rubbing your Yongquan points frequently will enable you to consolidate the renal (kidney) essence, warm your waist, raise your Yang, lower turbid Qi, and refresh your brain.

16. Stop talking when defecating and urinating

When defecating and urinating, you should close your eyes, stop talking, and pay attention to what you are doing, lest you scatter your Qi. This is known as mindfulness in Buddhism.

Try these longevity tips to live a healthier and longer life.

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