Do You Know the 4 Ways How Not to Drink Tea?

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There are a few things you should avoid when drinking tea. (Image: Rocksee via Flickr)

Light tea is the classification given to green and white tea. Drinking light tea every day in moderation is beneficial to your health. Drinking tea correctly is to take advantage of even more of its benefits. Knowing how not to drink tea is an important part of gaining the most benefit from your tea.

Tea contains substances called flavonoids that have antioxidant effects. These may help against free radicals that can contribute to cancer, heart disease, and clogged arteries. Studies show that antioxidant components are beneficial for the removal of blood waste and provide resistance to vascular aging. When the elderly drink tea in moderation every day it can even prolong their life.

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Generally, drinking tea is good for the body. The following guidelines describe how not to drink tea in order to improve its benefits.

4 ways how not to drink tea

1. The first tea

When making tea from tea leaves, there is something known as “wash tea” that should never be consumed. This is the tea that you get right after adding the hot water. Some people feel this is a waste of tea and do not pour it out, but that is not a good practice. During the production process, the surface of the tea leaves can be exposed to impurities such as dust and bacteria. If you wish to drink tea for its health benefits, the first tea must always be thrown out.

There are four ways how not to drink tea.
During the production process, the surface of the tea leaves can be exposed to dust and bacteria, so it’s a good practice to throw out the ‘wash tea.’ (Image: Jakub Kapusnak via Rawpixel)

2. Overnight tea

Drink tea when the tea is warm. This is when the tea’s fragrance is strong and there is a slightly sweet taste. If not all of the prepared tea is consumed and left overnight, do not drink it the next day. When tea is left overnight, the vitamins and other nutrients inside have been reduced and the drink has basically lost its nutritional value.

3. Strong tea

When too many leaves are used, this results in a very strong tea; the taste of the tea will be quite strong and the taste will be somewhat bitter. When you drink tea that is too strong, there is an increased burden on the heart and kidneys, which is of course not good for your health.

4. Hot tea

Tea is usually brewed in boiling water. However, very hot tea is not good to drink. If you drink tea while it is still boiling hot, it can damage the oral and gastric mucosas. The ideal temperature to steep tea at is 190°F. The temperature best suited for drinking tea is right around 135°F.

Drinking tea correctly improves its health benefits. (Image: Ake via Rawpixel)

When not to drink tea

1. When taking medication

The ingredients in tea may react with the components of various medications and this might have an impact on the effectiveness of the medicine.

2. Before breakfast

Drinking tea in the early morning on an empty stomach may adversely stimulate the stomach and intestines.

3. While breastfeeding

Drinking strong tea when you are breastfeeding may result in a reduction in milk and have a negative impact on the baby’s development.

The writer of this story is not a medical professional, and the information that is in this story has been collected from reliable sources — every precaution has been taken to ensure its accuracy. The information provided is for general information purposes only, and should not be substituted for professional health care.

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