Japanese Medical Scientist: Respecting and Believing in God Is Best Way to Prevent the Pandemic

Asian woman with head bowed and hands clasped together praying.

Dr. Nobuya Nakamura is urging people not to rely solely on Western medicine, but to also respect and believe in God when faced with COVID-19. (Image: Pras Boonwang via Dreamstime)

The global pandemic is currently severe and Japanese medical experts urge the people of Japan to take measures to prevent the pandemic. The number of newly diagnosed cases is still high despite the entire population having begun its vaccination program as of mid-February. Nobuya Nakamura, a medical doctor and Dean of Mahoroba Tokyo Hospital, urges people not to rely solely on Western medicine and technology and to pay attention to moral improvement. He believes the best way to thwart the virus and prevent the pandemic is to return to tradition, respect and believe in God, repress any evil, and uphold and praise goodness.

To prevent the pandemic, you must believe in God

In an interview with New Tang Dynasty Television, Nobuya Nakamura said: “The most fundamental thing is God. The will of God is to protect our existence. God favors us when we are good toward others. As long as we do this, God will save us. Western medicine presents a one-sided view. It seems that all diseases, from mental illness to cancer, can be treated only with Western medicine or via scientific means. This is impossible. Chinese medicine and ancient medicines are the ones we should return to and learn about.”

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Dean Nakamura said that from the published data, it can be seen that the incidence of severe illness and the death rate of Japanese patients from COVID-19 are both very low, and even if they test positive, it does not mean that they will die.

Japanese medical scientist says the best way to prevent the pandemic is not to rely solely on Western medicine.
The incidence of severe illness and the death rate of Japanese patients from COVID-19 are both very low. (Image: Fusion Medical Animation via Unsplash)

“The severe illness rate was initially around 9 percent, but as of now (July 21) it is only roughly 0.1 to 0.2 percent. Presently, it is sitting at 0.1 percent. In the future, it is expected that the infection rate will be higher than that of our currently known influenza, but the severe illness and death rate may not increase sharply, but will decrease.”

Dean Nakamura also encourages people to think clearly about their purpose in life, let go of fear, and do what they should do bravely to prevent the pandemic.

As long as you go with the natural flow and course of life and not just pursue material gain, have confidence and courage, respect and believe in God, you can prevent the pandemic and survive.

Translated by Patty Zhang

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