With These 3 Positive Habits, Your Children Will Be the Best They Can Be

A mother helps her daughter with homework using a digital tablet while sitting at the kitchen table with a glass of orange juice.

Once you are ready, you can look at your child's homework. That will make it easy to tackle. (Image: Monkey Business via Dreamstime)

“My child was obviously much smarter than his peers when he was young, but how come after he started school, his performance is inferior to other kids?” This is a question in the minds of many parents, but establishing a few positive habits will go a long way to helping your children be the best they can be.

It is true that when children are in kindergarten, there may not be a large gap with other children. However, once the children are in elementary school, the gap between them becomes more and more obvious, especially in academic performance. Some children are getting better and better, while some children are always at the bottom of the class. 

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Many parents are puzzled. The children are about the same age, they are at the same school, the teacher is the same, so how can the gap be so big? Actually, the children receive the same education in school, so the real gap between children is determined by these three positive habits before and after school. 

Mother and daughter talking together on the sofa.
When your child comes home, parents can patiently talk to their child for a while and let them tell you what fun and interesting things happened at school. (Image: Dreammmmar via Dreamstime.)

3 positive habits for your children to be the best they can be

1. Get into the habit of communicating with your child 

Some children just enter the home, put down their school bags, and the parents shout at them to do their homework immediately. In fact, children need a buffer time after school. Even if parents force their children to do homework at this time, children will not put their minds on their studies, as their minds will be full of thoughts about school. 

So when your child comes home, patiently talk to your child for a while and let them tell you what fun and interesting things happened at school, whether he or she got praise from the teacher, and so on. Not only will this help you keep up to date with your child’s situation, but it’s also good for your child to organize his or her thoughts and then be able to quietly study. 

2. Help your child cultivate good positive habits in studying

Once your child has developed good positive habits in studying, his or her grades will definitely improve. Therefore, parents should cultivate good study habits from the very beginning. 

First of all, your child must have a quiet and comfortable environment to properly study, and make sure there is nothing that can easily disturb him or her. At the same time, don’t let your child rely too much on you as a parent. Once there are difficulties or problems, your child should not automatically think to find you as children cannot grow without using their own brains, they can’t grow without thinking. When your child has a problem, let him or her try to solve it on their own, and if he or she really doesn’t know how to do it, your can work with him or her to find a solution.

Once your child has developed good positive habits in studying, his or her grades will definitely improve.
Once your child has developed good study habits, his or her grades will definitely improve. (Image: Lucélia Ribeiro via Flickr)

3. Have a daily parent-child one-on-one time 

After dinner, parents and children must have a special parent-child time. Parents can read with their children, tell their children stories, read picture books, or play games with their children. Not only does this help to bring the parent-child relationship closer, but it is also beneficial to the development of the child’s intelligence and abilities in all areas. 

After school, do you practice these positive habits at home? If not, quickly start to cultivate them, not only to enhance your parent-child relationship, but also to help the growth of your child’s abilities in all respects. 

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