Detox Your Mind: 5 Ways to Cleanse Your Character

Singer-songwriter Katy Mantyk doing Falun Dafa meditation. .

Over the past 30 years, Falun Dafa practice groups have brought humanity a new sense of hope. (Image: Binggan Zhang)

Everybody is always talking about going on a detox to get rid of the impurities in their bodies so they can become physically healthier. Well, I think it’s best to first detox your mind. After all, the mind controls the body, and if you can have a clean mind, then you will be able to have a clean body.

5 ways to detox your mind

1. Don’t be jealous

Jealousy is a dirty emotion that can take over your mind and even your life. You know the feeling if you feel you should have something and someone else got it, or you think your partner is flirting with others. It can make you act irrationally and see things that aren’t even really happening. “Jealousy is a killer,” says Robert L. Leahy from Psychology Today. Instead, be grateful for what you have, have trust in your partner, and don’t let jealousy take over. This is critical if you want to detox your mind.

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2. Stop hoarding pain or loss

Everyone at some time in their lives will experience loss and pain by way of death or wrong things being done by you. (Image: Antonio Guillem via Dreamstime)

Everyone at some time in their lives will experience loss and pain by way of death or wrong things being done by you. Grieving is natural, but holding on won’t help you. Life coach Marc Chernoff writes: “If you feel that you are stuck because you can’t move beyond a past experience, then your brain is relating to it as if it’s still happening right now, which means it’s matching patterns improperly in the present.” Letting go and moving on can give you more strength than you thought you had.

Watch Prince Ea video on how to let go of pain/fear/anger in 60 seconds:

3. Don’t let your emotions rule you

Learning how to control your emotions can help you get further in life. It’s fine to be agitated in rush hour, but you don’t have to go over the top and get road rage.

The Psychology Today website says: “Some emotional responses require no particular regulation. If the emotion is appropriate to the situation and helps you feel better, there’s no need to worry about changing the way you handle things. Laughing when others are laughing is one example of an appropriate reaction that helps you feel better. Expressing road rage may also make you feel better, but it’s not appropriate, or particularly adaptive. You could express your frustration in other ways that allow you to release those angry feelings, or instead try to find a way to calm yourself down.”

4. Let go of negative thinking

Detox your mind by getting rid of negative thinking on a daily basis.
Everyone has their share of negative thinking on a daily basis; it’s just whether you are going to let it affect you. (Image: 984949 via Pexels)

Everyone has their share of negative thinking on a daily basis; it’s just whether you are going to let it affect you. The Spirit Coach website says: “It is always in our best interest to release these negative thoughts and feelings; otherwise, we will just have more thoughts and feelings that are similar.” Try and see things in a positive way, and you will notice the difference in your life.

Watch to learn how to let go of negative energy in 5 minutes:

5. Have more integrity and higher morals

What is integrity? Well, says: “Having integrity means doing the right thing in a reliable way. It’s a personality trait that we admire since it means a person has a moral compass that doesn’t waver. It literally means having ‘wholeness’ of character, just as an integer is a ‘whole number’ with no fractions.”

So how can you start your path to integrity?

The Experience Life website says: “One of the first places integrity issues show up is in our language patterns. When we are ‘in integrity,’ we speak from a place of wholeness. Our words match our actions.”

Incorporating these 5 simple things to detox your mind can not only change your life, but they can really make a difference in the world.

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