6 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Teeth and Prevent Cavities

Young blonde woman with perfectly healthy teeth points to her mouth while smiling.

Almost every day, you smile at others and it is also natural to see people smiling while thinking about certain things even when no one is around! (Image: Aleksandr Rybalko via Dreamstime)

To make sure you smile with confidence and have healthy teeth, you need to have healthy teeth. There are a number of practices that can help you strengthen your teeth and help you prevent cavities.

Try these suggestions to strengthen your teeth and prevent cavities

1. Do jaw exercise and swallow saliva to prevent cavities

Do this jaw exercise every day by biting your teeth together several times. Gently bite your teeth together around 10 repetitions in the beginning, then gradually increase to 50 repetitions. This exercise helps increase the stability of gum tissues and blood flow to the gums and face, therefore, making your teeth stronger. It’s also good for your health to swallow the saliva after the exercise, as this can help prevent cavities.

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2. Rinse your mouth with tea after meals to prevent cavities

Rinse your mouth with tea after meals to wash away food particles lodged in your mouth and between your teeth. Tea contains high levels of fluorine, which is good for helping prevent cavities. In addition, the catechin polyphenols in tea have a great ability to scavenge free radicals and decrease Streptococcus mutans, which is the main cause of cavities.

Tea contains high levels of fluorine, which can help prevent cavities.
Tea contains high levels of fluorine, which is good for preventing cavities. (Image: Gergo Kazsimer via Dreamstime)

3. Rub your gums to prevent cavities

Rub your gums twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, to avoid receding gums. By doing so, the blood flow to the gums, jawbone, and pulps can be improved. There are two ways to rub gums.

a) Put your forefinger on your cheek over the mouth gum. Rub your cheek in a circular motion.

b) Wash your fingers thoroughly. Put your forefinger on your gums inside your cheeks. Rub your gums back and forth, or in a circular motion, then apply a firm pressure toward the crown. Put your forefinger on the gums under your tongue, and on the roof of the mouth, then repeat the steps mentioned above to rub your gums.

4. Rinse your mouth by swishing to prevent cavities

The most important step of washing your mouth with water is to swish the water all around your mouth thoroughly and then spit it out. Do this three times.

5. Chew properly to prevent cavities

Chewing food properly is important. The technique is to chew food with the two sides of the mouth. The saliva produced while chewing helps to clear food particles from your teeth, and aids in digestion. The more saliva you have, the less chance of cavities. In addition, chewing is a good exercise for your facial muscles.

Young blonde woman in red dress takes a bite of a chicken wing while sitting with a couple of friends in a restaurant.
Chewing food properly is important. (Image: Arne9001 via Dreamstime)

6. Eat the right foods to prevent cavities

Eggs, fruits, vegetables, and pork soup contain rich protein, minerals, and vitamins that are good for teeth. Foods that are high in acid harm your teeth. Having a little cheese can help to solve the problem, because the phosphates in cheese help neutralize mouth acid. Another reason cheese is beneficial is that it is a good source of calcium, which also helps build strong teeth for children and adults. Always remember not to eat sour and spicy foods, which can lead to tooth erosion and damage.

Translation help by Amanda Ho, research by Monica

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