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6 Signs That Indicate Your State of Health

With our lives getting busier and busier every day, we tend to put our health on the back burner. It isn’t until you are too sick to work that you really start to pay attention to your state of health.

Your body can and does tell you when something is wrong; you just need to look for the signs. This can be hard when you don’t know what to look for.

These 6 signs indicate your state of health

1. Chapped lips

Often, you have chapped lips because of external factors like sun exposure, dry air conditions, or wind exposure. But before you put lip balm on, take a look at your water intake. If your lips are regularly chapped, maybe your body is dehydrated and you need more fluids.

2. Prone to skin breakouts

Over 70 percent of adults between the ages of 20 and 50 will experience skin outbreaks of acne. But outbreaks may be telling you that your immune system is struggling. This could mean a lot of different things. So if you regularly suffer from skin outbreaks, consult your doctor.

Skin outbreaks like acne can show your state of health.
Over 70 percent of adults between the ages of 20 and 50 will experience skin outbreaks of acne. (Image: Satjawat Boontanataweepol via Dreamstime)

3. Urine color

Just the color of your urine can tell so much about your state of health. It gives you a clear reading of your body’s hydration and how your vital organs are functioning. The Cleveland Clinic in 2013 released an infographic telling what state your body is in just by the color of your urine. You should make it a habit to pay attention to the color of your urine.

4. Every season you catch the flu

It is common to catch seasonal illnesses, such as the flu or colds. But if you are susceptible to all of them, it’s telling you something about your immune system. Instead of treating them as they come, build up your defenses against them. While vitamin C is most commonly used, you can try these other super nutrients as well.

5. Regularly tired

Not getting enough sleep is often the cause of fatigue. If you are getting an adequate night’s rest, but still find you are regularly tired, you should look at your diet. Digesting alcohol or processed foods a lot makes it harder on your system than you think. Chronic fatigue can also tell you that your thyroid may not be functioning properly.

Young woman napping in the grass with a book over her face to block out the sun.
If you are getting an adequate night’s rest, but still find you are regularly tired, you should look at your diet. (Image: Timothy Krause via Flickr)

6. How often you poop

Everyone is different, but in a perfect state of health, you should be using your bowels after every meal. This removes the unwanted toxins from your body. But all doctors agree that you should poop at least once a day. If you don’t use your bowels regularly, you tend to absorb more toxins. If necessary, you should consider if there are certain foods or liquids that your body has difficulties with, and try to cut them out of your diet.

I hope this has been of help to you. If you know of someone that this information may benefit from, consider sharing it with them.

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