A German Animal Shelter Creates Inspiring Tinder Profiles for Cats and Dogs

Animal matching app.

The Munich Animal Welfare Association built 'dating' profiles for each pet that human Tinder users could swipe on. (Image: via Munich Animal Welfare Association)

If you happen to be browsing Tinder in the Munich area, you might happen upon some very unique dating prospects: profiles for cats and dogs. Fifteen of them, to be precise, thanks to a local animal shelter that’s decided to go for a less traditional route to getting their residents adopted.

The Munich Animal Welfare Association has turned to Tinder to help get their cats and dogs adopted by someone looking for some furry company. The animal shelter has put up profiles for cats and dogs on Tinder with professional photos of the animals. The animal shelter hopes that this will allow lonely pets to find their forever homes.

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Creating Tinder profiles for cats and dogs

The Munich Animal Welfare Association decided to try the popular dating app Tinder to find permanent homes for their shelter mates. They have created profiles for 15 cats and dogs with proper bios. They have even hired an advertising agency for professional photoshoots of these bio owners. Therefore, be prepared to be blown away by the charms exuded by the handsome gentle cat Captain Kirk in his tuxedo.

While there is an insane amount of response from the animal shelter tinder profiles for cats and dogs, Jillian Moss of the shelter has said that they are processing every swipe and application to pair the “couples.” This is essential because having a pet is a responsibility and that takes more than just a loving heart.

Profiles for cats and dogs can now be found on Tinder in Munich, Germany.
Germany’s abandoned animals look for ‘love’ on the dating app Tinder. (Image: vdsdeb_info via Dreamstime)

A creative way to spread the word about potential pets

With so much technology at our fingers, it is a great idea for shelters to start expanding their reach to platforms like Tinder and create profiles for cats and dogs. After all, a lonely person looking for a connection might be more than willing to opt for a dog or cat instead.

Benjamin Beilke, who is coordinating Tinder’s communication, said: “We hope that these animals really find a new partner. A ‘purrfect match’ in the long term and not just for a few weeks.”

Raising a pet is a commitment that requires certain sacrifices on the human’s part. It is not just humans who get lonely or suffer from depression, but animals too. The pandemic has hit animals too in the worst way as the fear of being infected by the coronavirus from pets has caused many to abandon their pets. The shelter took this step to help these animals not go through another abandonment phase.

When you take your pets out for walks or post pictures of your pets with the correct hashtags, you can meet up with newer people who share the same love and dedication toward the betterment of animals. Pets also help you reduce your anxiety and there have been cases when a dog saved a person’s life, as that person was about to commit suicide.

A cute gray tabby cat lying on a blanket on a wooden surface.
Many researchers have highlighted the benefits of having pets in your life. (Image: 4373086 via Pixabay)

Why opt for pets?

Many researchers have highlighted the benefits of having pets in your life. Not only do they help you fight depression and shoo away your loneliness, but their daily routine includes workouts and walks and that means you too will be getting some good and invigorating exercise daily. And it is not just about daily workouts, pets also help you meet new people.

Having a dog or a cat also helps you form a proper routine. You need to maintain their exercise times, washroom times, and feeding times. You also need to properly prepare their diet. All this work helps you form a routine that will help you format your schedule on a daily basis. As you make these changes in your life, you will find your life becoming much more stable and you can progress better in life.

The Munich Animal Welfare Association took up the Internet’s biggest challenge — to keep things interesting — and succeeded with their Tinder profiles for cats and dogs. Maybe, if we’re lucky, others will watch the organization’s success and come up with their own novel solutions, too.

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