7 Reasons Keanu Reeves Could Be the Nicest Celebrity Ever

Keanu Reeves.

The Matrix actor, who has acted in several blockbusters and critically acclaimed movies in his prolific career, is also an humanitarian. (Image: Delstudio via Dreamstime)

Keanu Reeves is one actor who has become famous both for his acting chops and humanitarian steps. The Matrix actor, who has acted in several blockbusters and critically acclaimed movies in his prolific career, is also said to be a very nice human being. His superstardom has not gone to his head and he believes in maintaining a humble and dignified profile.

Keanu Reeves at the Village Theatre.
Nahnatchka Khan, Ali Wong, Randall Park, Keanu Reeves at the ‘Always Be My Maybe’ Premiere at the Village Theater. (Image: Hutchinsphoto via Dreamstime)

Keanu Reeves has been in the showbiz sector for 30 years or so and he has shown his acting skills in several high-profile and successful Hollywood flicks. Even the movies starring the handsome actor have fared poorly at the box office and his performance rave reviews. However, not many are aware of his philanthropic and humanitarian nature. He continues to pay utmost attention to human values and treats everyone respectfully, despite superstardom.

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7 reasons Keanu Reeves is the nicest celebrity on the planet

  1. Keanu Reeves is a wealthy person and he has earned huge amounts for acting in so many blockbuster movies. However, such a popular actor still uses the subway for commuting. It is hard to believe unless you see him using public transport. He can very well use any of his costly luxury vehicles to roam around in New York City, but he seldom does that. 
  2. Keanu Reeves drove a lady 50 miles because her car was out of order. The woman got stranded outside LA and Keanu helped her get back home. He not only drove 50 miles for her but also offered her help by giving her his number.  
  3. Celebrities, including actors, are known for their so-called starry tantrums and they believe they are entitled to such privileges. Keanu Reeves is a complete contrast to typical stars and celebs in this regard. Once he waited for 20 minutes outside a club in the rain as the bouncer could not recognize him. He was such a gentleman that he waited for two of his friends to arrive rather than showing off his starry airs. 
  4. Keanu Reeves did not mind lowering his remuneration in some films in his career to make things better for the other actors and filmmakers. He gave away a huge chunk from his income in The Matrix sequels to the team doing special effects and makeup. He also reduced his remuneration a lot for the critically acclaimed film The Devil’s Advocate. He did this as cutting on his remuneration made it easy for the producers to accommodate co-actor Al Pacino. This is something very few of his peers in Hollywood would ever do!
  5. Not many actors go out of their way to reward film crew and stuntmen and that is where Keanu Reeves differs. During the shoot of the Matrix Reloaded, he purchased a dozen Harley Davidson motorcycles for the stuntmen.
  6. There are instances of actors dominating NGOs and charitable organizations from time to time. However, Keanu Reeves walks the extra mile and does his best to help those in distress. He runs a private foundation that supports cancer research and hospitals for treating children and others. However, he makes sure his name does not get attached to it as he does not want to make headlines for his humanitarian work. His sister’s battle with leukemia inspired him to take that step.
  7. Keanu Reeves is not among those celebs and actors who react to media speculations and rumors regarding their love life or sexual orientation. When a section of the media speculated about his same-sex relationship with David Geffen, he reacted in a different way. He said he was flattered since those people regarded him in the same league as David Geffen. Any other actor in his place would get into a vehement denial mode. 

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