Harness the Healing Power of the Sun for a Powerful Detox

Woman with sun glasses sits by the Mediterranean Sea, sunbathing.

You can simply lie in the sun and soak up some healing rays, and some vitamin D. (Image: Francisco Javier Sureda via Dreamstime)

Do you know that simply being out in the sun, you soak up the healing power of the sun’s rays, along with some vitamin D. When we think of detoxification and healing, we usually think of embarking on a restrictive diet, drinking juices, or having a foot soak or a massage. Actually, we don’t really need to do much; nature has already sorted this for us through the healing power of the sun.

In this video, Dr. Josh Axe explains how the sun’s rays give you a powerful detox — from his sun chair.

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Nature has all the boxes ticked, all we need to do is to become one with the great outdoors and invite the warm sun to touch our skin, as it’s meant to. Then you will experience first-hand the healing power of the sun.

The sun’s warm embrace not only heals your body, it seems to nurture your very soul, and elevate your mood.

Scientifically proven healing power of the sun

  • Cleansing. The heat of the sun makes you sweat out toxins, cleansing the body of toxins.
  • Kills microbes. Just 20 minutes of sunshine a day will cause your body to make over 200 antimicrobials, killing pathogenic bacteria and fungi.
  • Vitamin D absorption. Direct sunlight on your skin makes vitamin D3, a most important hormone-regulating vitamin, essential for health, and a simple preventative for many illnesses.
  • Elevates your mood. Sunlight diminishes depression and mood disorders associated with a lack of sunlight. It has the power to brighten your spirits.
Smiling teenage Asian girl tosses her sun hat in the air while standing in a field of flowers.
The sun lightens your mood as you reconnect with nature in the outdoors. (Image: Anekoho via Dreamstime)
  • Reduces cancer. Sensible exposure to regular direct sunlight will decrease your risk of cancer.
  • Immunity. Sunlight strengthens your immune system.
  • Strengthens teeth and bones. Ample vitamin D, from sun exposure, keeps teeth and bones strong into old age.
  • Heals skin ailments. The sunshine has a positive effect on skin problems such as psoriasis, acne, eczema, and fungus infections.
  • Improves stamina and fitness. The sun improves the body’s fitness and stamina overall, as it oxygenates the blood.
Enjoy the healing power of the sun while kiteboarding.
Kiteboarding — playing in the sun. (Image: Dvrcan via Dreamstime)

Why does the warm sun on your skin feel so good? Because it is good. Nature made it so.

Be wise and don’t burn

Too much of anything can harm, so build your sun exposure slowly; get to know how much your skin type can accept, to avoid burning.

A close up portrait of a twenty something young woman in a sun hat with one eye showing.
When enough sun is had, wear your hat. (Image: Intoit via Dreamstime)

When you’ve had enough sun, cover up with clothing, or choose a natural sunscreen containing zinc oxide over a chemical sunscreen.

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