Massaging Acupuncture Points: An Easy Way to Relieve Common Health Issues

Accupressure being applied to patient's arm.

Most of us know that acupuncture can help to treat and relieve symptoms of many ailments. But did you know that even just massaging acupuncture points can provide relief? (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Most of us know that acupuncture can help to treat and relieve symptoms of many ailments. But did you know that even just massaging acupuncture points can provide relief? That’s great news for those who have a fear of needles!

Massaging acupuncture points is a treatment modality of ancient Chinese medicine.
Acupuncture is a treatment modality of ancient Chinese medicine. (Image: DrFrank via Pixabay)

Basic knowledge

Causes of some common symptoms according to traditional Chinese medicine:

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  1. Numbness: energy, but not blood, can circulate in the specific area.
  2. Total loss of sensation: Neither energy nor blood can circulate in the specific area.
  3. Sore: Main and collateral channels for energy circulation are functioning, but energy and blood are inadequate.
  4. Flatulence: Signifying abundant energy, flatulence will develop in people who have a short temper when the energy in their body cannot find an outlet.
  5. Pain: Pain is due to blood stasis.
  6. Itching: Itching means that energy and blood circulation are concentrated in a specific area. Healing wounds will itch as a result; there is a difference between this itching and itching where there are no healing wounds.
An ancient acupuncture chart.
An ancient acupuncture chart. (Image: Welcomeimages via Wikimedia Commons)

Massaging acupuncture points

  1. Tsusanli (足三里)

Indications: Gastritis, gastric ulcer, poor digestion, sleeplessness, hypertension, hypotension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, etc.

  1. Guan-yuan (關元)

Indications: Hypertension, diabetes, forgetfulness, neurasthenia, exhaustion, frailty. Stimulating this acupuncture point can enhance the functioning of the urinary system, boost the immune system, and prevent senility.

  1. Zhong-wan (中脘)

Indications: Mainly diseases of the digestive system. It is one of the important points that cure various gastric diseases.

  1. Nay-guan (内關)

Indications: Angina Pectoris, myocarditis,  rheumatic heart disease, sinus bradycardia, effective for various heart diseases, mental diseases, and neurological diseases.

  1. He-gu (合谷)

Indications: Cold, cough, headache, especially effective for headache caused by a cold. The major function is in eliminating fever and relieving pain.

  1. Yong-quan (涌泉)

Indications: Shock, dizziness, heatstroke, lumbar pain, arthralgia in the knees, chest pain, and decreasing eyesight. It can lower blood pressure, improve local blood circulation, and prevent numbness and edema caused by the aging process.

  1. Yang-ling-quan (陽陵泉)

Indications: Diseases in the lower limbs, back, and lumbar, such as arthritis in knees and ankles, lumbar pain, etc.

  1. Feng-chi (風池)

Indications: Brain thrombus, concussion, rhinitis, pharyngitis, hypertension, deafness, etc.

  1. Yin-men (殷門)

Indications: Lumbar pain, herniated intervertebral disc, paralysis.

  1. Ming-men (命門)

Indications: Lumbar pain, headache, tinnitus, constipation.

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