5 Profound Benefits of Wearing Jade Bracelets

Green Burmese jade bangle or braclet.

Jade, also known as the Emperor’s Stone, has been a symbol of status, power, and spirituality since ancient times. (Image: W.scott Mcgill via Dreamstime)

From ancient times till today women have been drawn to the beauty and elegance of jade bracelets. Even today, it is still the favorite accessory for women, especially in Asian countries.  

Jade comes in different colors and shades. The most common ones are emerald green and milky white. Both colors are a good match for the most popular tones and colors of clothing the majority of women like to wear.

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But besides being a great accessory and a good jewelry match for most fashion styles, jade bracelets also have other benefits. 

5 advantages of wearing jade bracelets

1. Showing your personal charm

Jade bracelets have always carried the auspicious meaning of harmony. They are considered to be capable of increasing a woman’s charm. 

They are believed to make whoever wears them look elegant and gentle. These attributes help balance both the yin and yang aspects of a woman, making her appear very attractive. 

Besides wearing a jade bracelet, gifting a jade bracelet to a female friend is a very considerate gesture because the tradition of wearing jade bracelets has been practiced for thousands of years, especially by Orientals.

And if your female friend is of Chinese descent, then your gesture will attract much gratitude and joy, because jade jewelry is still considered one of the most important accessories in Chinese culture, even today. 

Jade bracelets have been worn by Orientals for thousands of years ago up till today, and they can be considered one of the most important accessories in Chinese culture.

Jade bracelet, green and violet.
Ask for a certificate of authenticity when buying jade jewelry. (Image: Salvador Alc via Wikimedia)

2. The spiritual benefits

Jade bracelets were worn by the ancients as good luck charms. It is a common belief that they also ward off evil spirits. 

The reason for this is that, according to ancient belief, demons and evil spirits would be repelled by the jade and stay away from the person wearing such a bracelet. 

This could make sense when considering that the associated virtues of wearing such elegant pieces of jade jewelry would also create a sense of serenity in the mind of the person wearing them. This in turn would make them less susceptible to the influence of any negative elements that enter the body through the eyes, ears, or the mind. 

We know today that mental health contributes greatly to a strong immune system and physical health because mental health affects physical health

It is no surprise then, that the ancients wore jade bracelets with the hope that they could be protected from harm, such as accidents and diseases.  

On a deeper level, jade bracelets are also said to have a spiritual component that can stabilize the emotions of children or secure long-term love and a happy marriage.

3. Good for blood circulation and the heart

In the practice of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), it has been proven that jade has the effect of calming the heartbeat, thus lowering blood pressure, and at the root of it all stabilizing emotions. 

This is a compounding effect that reduces irritability and relieves stress.

As one thing leads to another, a calm mind and body also inherently result in better memory, because the body and mind are less occupied or burdened with thoughts and emotions.  

A good explanation for the positive effect of jade bracelets on the health of the heart may be the fact that stress causes a higher concentration of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. According to WebMd: “High levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the urine were associated with a dramatic increase in death from cardiovascular disease years later.”

If we consider the fact that a calming effect on the mind also means a calming effect on the body and results in less stress, then we can be confident that such a state is also a beneficial element of a healthy heart.

On which hand should the jade bracelet be worn?

The left hand is closest to the heart. It is believed that the best benefit of wearing a jade bracelet can be achieved by wearing it around the left wrist.  Besides, it is also a long-standing tradition that a jade bracelet is generally to be worn on the left hand. 

According to TCM, the wrist is the far end of the body’s blood circulation. If worn, the jade bracelet will constantly move and rub against the wrist, massaging the arteries that lie below the skin. 

Since TCM also considers the body to be made up of many energy pathways between blood vessels and muscle tissues, the movement of the jade bracelet directly stimulates these meridians. 

There is an acupoint on the inner side of the wrist called Pericardium-6 (PC-6). This point in TCM is believed to calm “shen” (mind and soul) and relieve anxiety. 

Why does a jade bracelet help you sleep better?

It just so happens that the PC-6 on the inner side of your wrist is also a common point used by TCM practitioners to treat insomnia, which is probably the reason why it is a common tradition to recommend wearing the jade bracelet all day and at night as well. Because, as your hand is moving, the bracelet will constantly massage the PC-6 acupoint at the wrist.  

4. Benefits to the human body

 Many women who wear a jade bracelet will find that jade bracelets are warm in winter and cool in summer. 

This is just a general physical principle. Any substance has the function of absorbing and dissipating heat, and jade is no exception. 

The heat absorption and heat dissipation speed of jade is much slower than that of ordinary metals. 

Therefore, in winter, if you wear a jade bracelet, you will find that the jade bracelet will be warm for a long time; and in summer, you will feel cool and refreshed.  

To a certain extent, a jade bracelet can stimulate the nerves of the human wrist, and by doing so improve the muscle activity of the human body. 

5. The exquisiteness of wearing a jade bracelet

There are many benefits to wearing a jade bracelet. There are also some particularities regarding purchasing a jade bracelet.  And you have noticed there is much profoundness that goes into wearing a jade bracelet. 

Watch the following video to learn how to buy an authentic jade bracelet:

There are also a few things to consider when matching the right size bracelet to your wrist. 

Green Jade bracelet.
Jade is very popular in China and is attracting demand from the U.S. as well. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

All in all, in choosing a jade bracelet, not only should the palm fit through it, but you also need to match the size of the jade bracelet to your wrist, as well as to match the color to your skin, posture, temperament, and occupation. When wearing a jade bracelet, you should be careful to avoid breaking it.

Translated by Chua BC and rewritten by Hermann Rohr

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