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5 Strategies to Cultivate Hope

Life has unexpected ways of unfolding. Often compared to a roller coaster ride, a person has to go through ups and downs. Even then, rarely does anyone understand what life is all about. With all the suffering going around, life does seem to be going downhill for everyone. But many are holding onto hope. Being hopeful about a better future with fewer restrictions and less pain is a feeling present in everyone. But many lose this hope in the face of crises. In this article, we will talk about a few ways to maintain this state.

The story of hope

Many might not know, but hope was present in Pandora’s box. The story goes that Zeus gave Pandora the box with instructions to not open it. Well, she did open it, releasing all the evils in the world. Only hope remained in the box when she closed it again. Many philosophers and psychologists have presented various interpretations, and most of them were depressing. Yet, going against the flow was Theognis of Megara who said that Hope was the only divine entity that remained with humankind while the rest of the gods and goddesses fled to Olympus.

Often, people confuse hope with optimism, since both of these emotions are related to wishing for a better future. Optimism often ignores the bad. Optimists always find a silver lining. Hope, on the other hand, is about thinking of a future where something bad doesn’t happen. It is not always happy wishes; often having a normal day is hopeful too. The American Psychological Association (APA) highlights hope as being a sense of positivity to overcome difficult situations.

A rainbow at sunset.
Hope is about thinking of a future where something bad doesn’t happen. (Image: Irina Volkova via Dreamstime)

Cultivating hope in crises

The current pandemic has made the world look dreary. People dying, people losing their jobs, a sense of uncertainty hovering over everyone — all of these factors are enough to make you give up on being hopeful. But these are the times when we need to collectively know that things will become better. Manifesting hope through your thoughts is a possibility thanks to the research provided by Noetic Science. But how can we be hopeful?

5 strategies to help you cultivate hope

1. Have some goals

Being hopeful starts not with just wishful thinking. You need to imagine that future and act upon it. Having goals also helps you envision the hurdles and plan accordingly. Once you have a goal, you will find the motivation to achieve it.

2. Find what you love and do it

In order to achieve your goals, do not forget to relax. Have a hobby and if you cannot find one, try quite a few to find out what you love. Often, hobbies are like meditation. They act as distractions and you become a better performer once you resume work.

Open notebook with icons of different hobbies sitting with three colored pens on a light background.
Taking some time to enjoy a hobby can make you a better performer once you resume work. (Image: Chernetskaya via Dreamstime)

3. Be around positive people

When you surround yourself with people who are satisfied with life and know their life directions, you will find minute positive changes in you too. This will also make you harness the hope that resides deep within you.

4. Become mindful

Having some sense of spirituality in life is essential to break away from the stress of life. When you become mindful, you can identify the patterns that cause you to worry and ultimately become depressed.

5. Feel grateful

You may not have the latest phone, but you do have enough money to eat three meals a day. Being grateful for what you have will help you have a positive outlook.

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